Monday, October 24, 2022

 Had the honor and privilege of being invited to join and help my bro, @gant12000 and pal, @matthewdulemba (their instagram handles), to color some of their comic pages for their ongoing series valley Redemption, currently published in Webtoons. It's a first for me and am loving the new experience so far! Hope y'all drop by their site and show them some love for all of their hard work, passion and dedication to their first of hopefully many titles.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Congratulations Paula and team!

 It's finally official and out there! Heaps of congratulations to Paula and every amazing talent who've worked tirelessly on realising Vecna's make-up and prosthetics on screen!

Their slot can be viewed right here :
I've mentioned this before in my earlier post (in personal feed) but will post it here as well :-
I feel that it's important to note of cousin Paula's heritage, born half British/half Malaysian and having spent parts of her childhood hanging out in PJ, KL and Penang, she's come such a long way and we're all so happy and proud of her ongoing achievements. Represent!
Paula's been very much under the radar, but now's a good time as any to give her a shout out, peeps. Her working credits have included the Harry Potter franchise, Game of Thrones franchise, Prometheus, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more! Here's to more greater works ahead!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A little strip I did last month for a competition that I think got cancelled, but anyhoo, I think it's still something cute to share and helps to answer a lot of folks curiosity of how I met my hubbie. Hope y'all like it!


Friday, December 24, 2021

Hope that everyone will have a wonderful Christmas and holiday break into the new year ahead and stay safe always! ❤❤❤


Sunday, December 19, 2021

HUZZAH! Am so chuffed at getting highlighted by #creatureartteacher maestro, #aaronblaise. Calling this a Marmotzal for now (Marmoset + Quetzal). Hopefully a friendlier hybrid compared to the Winged Monkeys from Oz.
So humbled to see so, so many great talents and submissions from this month's challenge and congratulations to the winner! You can watch the entire challenge and live stream at :
Will try to participate in more challenges as it's a great platform to practice and hone in on my rendering skills. Hope y'all like this, peeps! 🙏❤


Thursday, November 04, 2021

So this happened the other day when I was taking Harmony out for our usual post-luncheon stroll,....


Friday, July 09, 2021

Recent Art Commission done for DA member #retroreloads of Ryo, Lupin & Spike and have to say that I've had a blast tinkering with my new toy #clipstudiopaintex! It's got everything I need in terms of control options and assets for a quick manga treatment turnaround. Wuv it a lot! Will also be playing around with it's animation controls meantime. Hope you like it, folks!

Am trying hard to kickstart my old sites from near death due to serious neglect so hope this is a good start. You can find me lurking here now as I continue a new chapter in my life -

And you can view the vid clip here in my instagram :

#digitalart #digitaldrawing #mangaart #mangafanart #cityhunter #lupinthethird #cowboybebop 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

It's been ages since I've posted any updates in msot of my sites. Have settled in a new life, a new country abroad for the moment prior to the covid pandemic and currently living in the ountryside. Have been meaning to kickstart my sites again and this little downtime has finally allowed me to take a breather to be able to focus some time and energy into churning out more personal art and studies. What better way to kickstart it than with a fanart of Mr.J? Cheers folks!


Saturday, April 09, 2016

Origanimals & Powder Puffington

After many years of endless toil on this project, the end is finally in sight with the launching of Origanimals on ZooMoo Asia starting today! Schedules starts at 9:05am,1 pm,5pm and 9pm. Wow! I am relieved.
Was taking a break from the endless onslaught today by practicing on my coloring skills. So this is what came up.
Hope y'all like it!

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Goblin King

And the dedications haven't stopped just yet. A recent sketch done during a Google Sketch Hangout session with some art pals.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Farewell Mr. Bowie

Felt the need to revisit my childhood. Farewell Mr. Bowie.....

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

My first Taksu Exhibition

Am a late entry for this Thursday's Art Gallery exhibition at Taksu, Kuala Lumpur. Have taken on the advice of my new 'Sensei' Kenji. He told me "You should never feel stressed over completing an art piece. You should always enjoy and do what feels natural and comes easy to you. Don't matter or fuss about the deadlines or creating something big/great. Just enjoy the moment of creating something special and what's really YOU". Well, I did just that, and I find I really do get more satisfaction and pride out of completing each of them. In fact,I would like to keep and hang them on my own walls if I could. I've always liked and enjoy sketched works. Owning them would be a plus. Because sketches are the essence and forms the foundations and ideas to all final art pieces. And with that understanding,that's what makes sketches more precious than the finished masterpiece.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

AWGH! It's finally here!!!

 WWAAAAAA!!!! It's finally arrived!!! I've been waiting for oh so long for this package to arrive...and now it's finally here,I can hardly contain my excitement!!!! I am soooo taking this to bed with me tonight!The workmanship is just too exquisite for mere words! Enrique....YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!
If some of you are not aware's a link to Enrique Fernandez's Brigada blog :
Trust me,it is so worth every single penny invested into this project. He just puts all the love and soul into each stroke and every panel in all of the pages. I am indeed humbled by his amazing talent and feel so very privileged to have been even a minuscule part of his kickstarter project. Thank you so very much,Enrique!
On another side note....some more shameless pluggin'.
Time for me to hit the hay with my new comic lovelies!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Great Month!

Wowie,Wowie! What a month it's been! I was actually hoping for good things this year,but at the same time,had some trepidation about my upcoming birthday. I will be 35 this year...the big 3 5 and I still have a lot to prove for myself and so many things still left unfinished and unsettled. A lot on my bucket list to tick off and so forth. But after all of this,I can now really say that it's been a very wonderfully birthday month for me. Not only was I shown the love and care by my family,friends and loved ones,but also a few dreams and hearts' desire have been met in such a short span of time. And feels like the good times will continue to keep on rolling. Thank you God for that! For the most part,it's been so good to be able to make time to catch up with family and friends with good eats and treats,but a lot of unexpected but good surprises made their way to me along the way. Oh my oh my....
To begin with, I had never in my wildest dream imagined that I'd get to own and work with a real bonafide Cintiq at my work station at the studio. That in itself was unreal. Thank you so much to my bosses,ED and Zeno for dropping this wonderful package on my lap right after my birthday weekend. Woo Whee!!! I am sooo gonna up my game and churn out better art! This was on top of their already generous streak to give me extra gifts on top of this one....I am so unworthy....
In-between my already hectic and busy work,study and training schedule...I was approached by Gavin towards end of last year to participate in his first art gallery exhibition here. That in itself was already too awesome to believe. I've always wanted to & dreamed of participating in an exhibition. Now this was my first chance to tick another one off my bucket list. Mind you,it was sheer slog and non-stop sacrifices to ensure that the artworks made it out in time,in spite of my blunders and requiring and extended deadline to actually get something decent out for the remaining artworks. Just so very thankful that the photographer and organizers seems to like it enough to want to showcase them in the installation.
Here's a sneak peek of some of the artworks I will be submitting for the showcase. Hope y'all dig it.

I've been wanting to get this zombie graphic novel out for some years now but it never seemed fully fleshed out,not up till now after some extensive research and development done. I can now honestly say that I have something solid in my belt to confidently want to begin production on it,hopefully as soon as am able to. Anyhoo,the first ever page will go o sale for the exhibition itself. I'm pretty pleased with the result although of course am hoping that the style will evolve for the better once I get a better footing and handle on things.

Graveyard. I hear a rumor that our last Sumatran Rhino had just passed away recently. So as of now,it is virtually extinct in Malaysia. The last few surviving ones now only reside in the Kalimantan region. It hit me right in the gut in the most awful way. I needed to make a statement.

This particular piece is called "Tyger" (inspired by William Blake) and was definitely a labor of love in churning this one out. I had gone through 2 weeks of tremendous torture and stiff neck pain when painting this piece,stroke by stroke. But am so thankful that it came out well,better than anticipated and I dedicate this to my loving dad,Stewert, and also to the great Sir David Attenborough.

This piece I dedicate to my American bro,Eric. I've actually planned to draw a bunch of dogs sniffing at his butt in the most intrusive fashion,ergo the term "Ke Poh Chi' in Hokkien. But after some discussion with Gavin,we agreed that it lacked some Malaysian elements. Although I agreed to provide some form of Penang architectural backdrops to the piece...I've decided to change the entire layout and set it indoors in a family environment in a Peranakan House. Within this piece, you will see some familiar faces in my life...namely my pets. My favorite dogs : Venus the Pug,Agassi the Spitz mixed,Truffles the long haired dachshund,Samson the black stray dog my dad had rescue from a mamak stall in KL where he worked...and finally,my current kitty cat pet,Kameko Tsukiji. The only cat seen sitting on the family wooden seat,looking miffed,surrounded by so many pooches.

I really wanted to touch on gaming for one of the submissions as online gaming has been a big part of my life growing up,even now. So for this piece,I dedicate it to all of my online gaming friends,both here and abroad.
I love nature. Malaysian jungles/rainforest for one, are particularly breathtaking and beautiful. Was trying to capture the idea about Humans as Trees,being varied with so many different quirks and characteristics to each of them. The ones who blossom and grow,the ones who remain stunted,the ones who only drag others down with it and zapped out all the life from others,the ones who represent the core strength and foundation of a living ecosystem and sustains many other lives with it and so forth. But in the end,everyone of them rely upon the sun and water for life. To deny it is to die and be drawn back to dust.
This was the other big and unexpected treat my bosses dropped on me. Oh my goodness,oh my goodness! That's another huge scratch off my bucket list. Would never have dreamed of seeing and being in the presence of Pete Docter and getting to meet Ronnie again in such a setting. This was too awesome for words. I am humbled.
It was just a grand and enjoyable day for all. One I shall treasure a lot.
Love this pic of Ivan and Joey being so sporting as to do a 'silly pose' for the platter shot.
Our order of Antipasti Platter at Limonella? At least,that's what I can recall of the restaurant's name. The location and company is by far the best thing about dining at the place. The food was unfortunately far below our expectations,but I can't complain. Thank you to Ed for the wonderful treat! Twas a spectacular day and I got to meet and greet a lot of familiar faces and friends again. ^__^ Real nice to be let loose on a lovely weather sort of day such as this.

And last but not least,I just got home from another wonderful treat with my food partner in crime,Viv...who had been so patient with putting up with my crazy work schedule to pry me loose and get me out for a dinner at an Italian joint nearby my place. Like I said,it's been a thoroughly wonderful month by far and one I sincerely hope,will continue to be great for a long time more.

Cheers folks and hope you will have a grand month ahead too!