Saturday, February 07, 2015

Daily Art Challenges complete!!!!

YYYAAAYYYY!!! I've finally done it! It's A WRAP! FINOTO! Can finally say I've done it and boy has it been ever so challanging! Thanks so much to the ever awesome Erin Humiston to smack me with this fun challenge I find quite a number of fellow talented artists are currently undertaking in FB.
Here's a round up of what are the stuff I've been posting....
 My tribute to the fabulous Morris. Grew up with his works since I was a wee lil gurl. Love Lucky Luke,Jolly Jumper and the Dalton brothers. My salute to the maestro!
 A sneak peek into the first page of one of my sketch journals...
And I'm calling this one Tyger,Tyger. And as always,every animal sketches and artworks I do this year is a tribute to the wonderful,the inspirational Sir David Attenborough. The man is just unsurpassed on every level. Thankful for all the things he's shared to us on screen. #DavidAttenborough.

 Some anatomy studies I do when I have time to spare...
 Some ol' digital sketch studies I did quite a while back and dug up from the cobwebs. Think it gives a good insight of what goes on in my head when I did each of those sketches....
A quick Lizard sketch I did. And yes! Another tribute to Sir David Attenborough.
Up Next!....

And it's a WRAP!!!!
 Some digital sketches I did mid last year. It first started out as a page for pirate sketches...then I suddenly felt like doing more anatomy studies....then suddenly felt like it needed a Dennis the Menace tribute to what I've digested during my early years as a kid....then suddenly I knew that I had to test myself if I could still churn out Saladin artworks like the best of 'em,even if it's been quite a few years since I've touched base with them. And WOO! I'm so happy and relieved that I haven't lost the touch.
 Muh gurlsss.....I jsut felt like drawing pretty girls...I know why. I was probably perusing through Audrey Kawasaki's work. The girl is a genius!!! Kick-Ass inspirational!
And finally some sketches I did during audio recording last Wednesday. Several tributes Pendleton Ward,to Goscinny and Uderzo,to Herge' Morris and finally to Bruce Timm.
Bottom left is a sketch of what happens when someone tries to cross me for my preciouusss at a recent visit to Tour le Jour. Can you guess what's inside my bag? The lil alien is a description set out by our maestro sound engineer and designer,Ivan.

And that is it for the 5 days of art challenge!!! Hope you all had a grand time perusing through it!

And a nice way to end this post...I want to share with you all what came by my post box just the other day. 
 A slick copy of the top winner from the previous Bande Desinee' Festival held in Angouleme from my bestie,Naim. It's called " An Ocean of Love". I love it sooo much!!!And I love you Naim for such a tender gesture! Words cannot express....
The pages were infused with rich sketch style drawings done by an obviously talented artist and draftsman, Gregory Panaccione. The equally touching and heartfelt story within, by Wilfrid Lupano.
Seriously,I was so touched my Naim's gesture couple with the great story and artworks within,I literally cried. It's just that good and beautiful...done with so much finesse,it had no dialog or text to boot in order to get the entire story across. I highly recommend it to everyone!  

Cheers everyone! Hope you'll have a great February ahead!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Day # 2 Art Challenge

 OK! Here's today's upload for my art challenge by Erin. This first page is meant to be specifically for Dogs. But then I suddenly felt like drawing cats all of the sudden...thought that perhaps some meowsers in the page would add some sort of balance? In some way,that's how my brain functions. Then all of a sudden,I felt like drawing a girl. Go figure.
 This second page is all about the Old Man studies I'm doing for Gavin's lil pet project. Still trying to crack my brain over how to get it done right.
And this final page is a sneak preview of one of my sketch journals where I dump all of my art studies into.

Cheers and hope you enjoy,folks!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Erin's Art Challenge - Day # 1

 Hi y'all! Well this year's getting from busy to busier as the days progress. Yesterday I've had the pleasure of catching up with my ol' pal,Erin Humiston and just out of the blue,he challenges me in FB to a 5 day art challenge whereby I'm require to submit and share 3 pages of art that's not been seen or shared anywhere online before. So,to dig up my lil' trove of sketch's my first sets of 3 in no particular order. The first page above is my art studies of the Magnificent Maestro Uderzo's style. Been growing up with both his and Goscinny's series since I was a kid. I've been asked by my Dutch publisher,Wallie,if he can commission an Asterix sketch from me. So that's just what I've been up to as recorded in those sporadic dates on the side of the page. Lil bit at a time,sketch sketch sketch....

 This next page is a tribute commission for my French Language Exchange pal,Naim's role playing game character alongside his brother's.  He requested for some sort of French rogue Muskateer character. So Voila!
This last page : On the left,is an Old Man study I'm doing for a graphic novel project for Mr. Gavin Yap. The other side,I jsut felt like drawing a bulldog.

Cheers and hope you all like it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I do love me some Otters. #DavidAttenborough.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Haven't been 'laxing. Here's another installation,this time the croc. Been trying to commit  to more art and drawing studies this year,hopefully I'll get better at it. So far my quota to draw and study at least once or a few times a day have been met. I still have a few pages to share,but perhaps later once I have pages filled. Of course,all animal related artworks this year will be dedicated to the great Sir David Attenborough. Am very happy to see that he's still goin' going strong after all these years. You rawk,man! #DavidAttenborough.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Making of Big Hero 6

Have recently attended The Making of Big Hero 6 at The Curve hosted by Kyle Odermatt ,Visual Effects Supe from Pixar. Unfortunately us minions were sworn to secrecy on the contents of the show and I can't share anything else other than these few pic taken by my pal,Ken. Thanks for the great snaps Ken! He requested a second shot of us performing an act of spontaneity and we were more than happy to oblige.

Asterix can always knock on my door....

Hopeful this will be the first of many series of Bandes Desinees arriving at my door step??? *Nudge nudge,wink wink to my French comrade and Language Exchange partner* Thank you so so much,naim! What a great treat and great way to learn and practice my French reading,eh eh???Merci Beaucoup,mon cher ami! Merci Beaucoup! My cat is thinking " This woman is really crazy!".

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sketch Journal Returns

Ok,it's been like forever since I've posted any new art over here. I haven't been negligent of my craft. Just been thoroughly busy helping to oversee and run the production of our animated series and then some. Took on giving some private tutorials now ...and have recently been confirmed to participate in evaluating a new art program for a University. And henceforth mid of last month,have been undertaking sole responsibility of taking care of my elderly mother. No mean feat!  Well I shall definitely try to post up more often this year...try to note and document down the happenings of my current life flying solo being responsible for home for the first time. It is daunting,...challenging....but I welcome it. Ganbatte,right? Well without further ado....

 Some sketches I did as contribution for last year's #Inktober.
 An old sketch I did in 2012. Man,they were so rough and still unprecise...trying to find their place on the page.
 A mixture of 2012 sketches on the far left and mid section of the page...with new ones added to completely fill up the page late last year.
 I jot down Oct 2014 on the page on this drawing below,but it's mostly for the first 2 facial sketches on the top left corner. The other sketches came in much more recently as a means to just fill up the page.
 Same goes for this orphaned bit o' paper. I drew the lone Octopus during one of my tutorial sessions as dated at the top right of the page. The rest of the drawings found their way onto the page overtime as the days go by.

And finally, hopefully the first of many many tributes I can get done for Sir David Attenborough. One of the biggest influences in my life growing up. Cheers folks!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

At the Studio

    Whew! It's been a whirlwind of events after events each day since getting back from Russia. Thankfully safely. The timing was just too close for comfort. My condolences goes out the all the families of the 298 passengers of MH 17 who were directly involved in the mid air tragedy over Ukraine on 18th July,and just a day,right before my Birthday too! Makes it all the more poignant and important for me to appreciate and celebrate not just my birth date,but life as a whole.  And am very very thankful indeed that all of my family and friends have rallied together to make this birthday a very very loving and exceptionally special one this year for me. Celebrated what's possibly my last birthday together with my twin before she's finally green-litted to go and join her husband in NY. She'll prob be staying there for a good many years to work on her PR qualifications so there's no chance of her coming back to M'sia,unless we go visit her in NY. I know I'm gonna be grounding myself for a while for now.
    I'll definitely want to share all of the photos I've taken while in Russia,as well as my Febuary trip to Borneo to celebrate my friend and colleague's wedding by the beach in her hometown in Kudat. Also made a quick trip back to my own home town in Penang Island up yea,tons and tons of photos to go through and share everywhere.
   It's been a nonstop chugging of daily work and requirements each week since coming back home and my body's been trying to cope with the onslaught. Not to mention I've now started taking on a bit of private art tuition for a friend's twin girls at their home over the weekend. They're showing great promise at such a young age so I'm all for passionate students with bright futures in the art industry.
   Will def try to update when I can. Meantime, here's a lil sketchie of what happened at the studio today. I was venting my disappointment and frust at my colleague,Joe,with a rambutan just after lunch. Fun was had by all. Life's good innit?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hi hi, here's what's been happening to me lately. Been crazy busy trying to wrap up production on a series at work whilst at the same time been assigned to churn out dev art for another title I've been pitching. So aside from being swamped with work,have also been trying to make good my promises to visit and spend time with friends and family. Which brings to the reason for 2 upcoming trips this month. One happening this Wednesday. Going up north to Penang Island for a couple of days to hand out with my relatives and friends before getting back to a bit of work,...trying to feverishly wrap up what I can before my big blow out holiday with my pals, Mickey and Ksoosh,to their hometown in Omsk,Russia. Have been promising Ksoosh's parents I'd visit one day. So yea,am making good my promises.
In other news, the animator voice in me has been begging to come out. So I must obey. Just a desperate attempt to animate,even thought I only have photoshop to use at the moment.
And rough attempts to try and churn out an art request for my League Summoner friend,Benjamin R aka Alphalion. He's requested for a fan art of his fave character,Lux. So here's my take on her,with a touch of Masai Warrior'esque flair. I wanted to experiment in grey shades but have decided that as part of the Masai Tribe,it really needed a red dress. But I was already quite content with the greys on her dress,so have decided to give a spalsh of red in the backdrop. Hope you guys like the rough result.

And finally, let's end with some kitten news. Well to make a long story short, I've rescued a wee lil' kitten about 2 months ago. Found it at the carpark basement in my apmt block,seeking shelter from the rain. It was clearly hunger so I fed it my leftover butterscotch bread which it readily wolfed down. Finding it very approachable and amiable,I've decided to take it home with me and find it a good home. But back at my bedroom (sheltering from the wrath of Kameko),I've discovered that it has had a fishing line embedded near its paw. Taking it to the vet the next day soon sort it out a.o.k. I've decided to call it Tyrion there and then,it being a lil imp with all the charm in the world. I did eventually manage to find it a home with my colleague. But unfortunately he had to give it up after almost a month due to his daughter suffering from symptoms of asthma. Taking it home a few days later, I was very fortunate and blessed enought to be able to find it another home ,thanks to the awesome help of family and friends,particularly Sumeitra,who got the wheels turning to hook me up with a newly settled couple who was looking to adopt a kitten. Upon seeing Tyrion's pics,they've decided to adopt her and last Saturday,Elsie ,the new owner,came and took her home.

No one was happier than the reigning queen,Kameko. Till now she is singing "Sweet,sweet Victory!~"

Good Night and Sleep Tight,folks! Cheers!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy Busy bee

     Well I'm still alive. Been really busy focusing on the job. Have now been helping to oversee production and script editing. As well as going for recordings,churning out art for both the studio and if there's any energy left,try to churn art out for friends/self,pick out on my puppeteering classes and trying to learn a new language on the side. Will need to see about taking up music lessons professionally if I want to be able to show any solid results of it. I told my friend recently I think it's a mid-life crisis I'm going through. Taking on too many things,wanting to take them on,more than I can handle. I do make time for a social life now,allocating time for shopping or outings with friends,eating,gaming well as hitting out my subjects of interests if they happen to be within reach. Like yesterday's stake out for Jeremy Wade at Sunway Pyramid as Discovery's River Monsters is doing a promo for his new season show,and the 3 day National Achievers 2014 Congress at the Mines Exhibition Centre. It's all been awesome. Great folks and speakers,and even managed to make time to rush back home to have a pre-celebration of one of many birthday celebration for mum's 70th. Needless to say,the past 2 weeks,my bdosy has been yelling for time out. I'll give it some real time out soon. Cos among the things I've been hustling,is to also get my Russian visa ready for next month's  escapade with my Russian pals back to their home town. I can hardly wait! But enough are some pics from my outings. Should bring my cam out more..dunno what I'll catch.

 A very young J.W. at his 20s as a backdrop,as he tells us about the show and what his job entails as the adventure goes on.

 Jeremy checking out a scn of his getting sucked by a lamprey.
 Mr. Wade showcasing his Thos's Hammer  of Fishing Rods and testing its endurance for BIG catches.

 A nice selfie as requested by JW for the crowd that didnt get a chance to get up on stage to get personal selfies and one on one chat with him. And in other news below, Mr. Nick Vujicic was in da house to really wrap things up with a bang for the Annual Achievers Congress at the MINES.
 He is definitely one truly amazing individual and a real inspiration for all. It's been a good conference overall,to the speakers I've had the chance to sit through. Mr .JT Foxx,Mr Brandon Burchard,Mr. Gerry Robert...all have been good and insightful to the challenges and achievements they've made.
Makes me look at myself and recall a lot of things I want to get done,to the people I've promised to work on projects together and so forth and haven't been able to get it off the ground. I hope I won't have to continue making excuses for them and keep on trudging no matter how crazy things can get. It's up to me to make it happen. Let's see how things play along the way. Cheers for now ,folks!