Friday, March 27, 2009

Final Drive

I've quite forgotten about this project I've worked on due to the fact that it was only a very brief stint requiring me to brush up on each of the main characters already pre-design by its creator, Hamadi Hamdan,who approached my twin to help to get me on board this project. I remember it being called Sarjan Hassan (Was it?) during its earlier satges of production. Well, do check out Hamadi's site here for the scoop on this project....


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Awesome Belgium & Japanese animation clips.

Hands down,the most favorite animation clip I've seen thus far this year. Every time I watch it, it brings a big smile to my face. And among the few that actually got me giggling with laughter which is kinda a rarity for me. Hope you folks like it.
And I just can't stop saying it in my head..."Cowboy...Indian....". Lovable characters with lovable voice overs fantastically melded together to make the entire show work! in spite of the fact that they're just toy miniatures with limited animation treatment. I don't care the limitations. Awesome story with awesome plots & characters & voice cast. You're in for a treat!
Le Grand Sommeil

Dir. Pic Pic André / Belgium / 2003
Curious events befall Cowboy, Indian, and Horse as they repeatedly fall into deep sleep.

Cat Shit One Movie Trailer - The Animated Series
And something insanely good introduced by my scriptwriter friend,Chi Ren. The Japs have taken furry kawaii violence to a whole new different level altogether. WOW! I've a feeling we'll be seeing more innovative maneuvers coming from the far east in the near future. Gambatte!

Production: Studio Anima

Director: Kazuya Sasahara
Original Manga (released in the USA as Apocalypse Meow): Motofumi Kobayashi
Format: 23 min. 12 episodes
Target Viewers: Survival game fans and military fans

Anticipated Customers: Clients who are looking to invest in imaging contents that are on a par with those by PIXAR

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chummy & Champ Project

It's finally becoming a reality.

Something I've been working on last year. WIP images of a Kid's tv series aimed at nurturing kids and adults alike towards environmental awareness and to do their bit for nature utilizing local wildlife in Malaysia as character hosts for the program.

Right now, voice auditions are under way. Anyone interested in participating and submitting their voice for any of these babies?

Note from our director/producer Azlan Pa'Wan :
Voice Casting:
Start 17th Mar till 6th April.
"Submit MP3 or WAV to Deadline 6 April. So, what are you waiting folks, bring out the kid in you and start practising! :D"
Folks, we have a script that can guide you. If you are interested, please send your details to You can send your own voice sample or opt for the script to read.
Have fun playing with the recorder! And don't forget to spread this message around. The more the merrier eh!
Till then, hug a tree and reduce carbon emission.
Everyday is Earth Day. Do Your Bit for Our Future Generations."
warmest regards

-Shortlisted candidates will be called for physical voice audition at a place to be determined later.
Chummy & Champ is the first truppet (true puppet) aimed at propagating awareness on the environment and instill love and care for the floras and faunas. It combines elements of CGI and interactivity to provide maximum learning and edutainment experience. Please send your voice sample to

22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl - KL 11th April 2009

Hi Folks! I'll be organizing this year's KL group in participation for the 22nd World Wide Sketch Crawl headed by Enrico Casarosa who'll kick start the event with his group in LA.
For this up-coming event, the venue will be held at the KLCC Aquaria whereby all interested participants will meet at the Aquarium entrance at 11am sharp. No fee is required to join in the event though all participants are required to bring along their travel and food allowances, including their entrance fee,sketchbook/journals, stationaries and digicam should they feel they'd like to do some photography as well. Oh and do feel free to bring along your friends as well if they're interested in joining in the fun. The event will begin at 11 a.m. and end at 7 p.m. Probablility of the group venturing out to other locations will base upon the situation as we go along through the day.

The admission fees to the Aquaria is :
1) Adult (13 years and above) (MyKad holder) - RM 28
2) Child (3-12 years) (MyKid holder) - RM 22
3) Adult (13 years and above) (Normal) - RM 38
4) Child (3-12 years) (Normal) - RM 26
5) Senior citizens (60 years and above) - RM 18
6) Infants (under the age of 3) - FREE

Group Package of 20 pax and above :
1) Adult Package @ RM 24 each
2) Children Package @ RM 18 each

KLCC Aquaria info :

To learn more about the event, do feel free to drop by the event's head honcho's Sketch Crawl blog @
or visit the Sketch Crawl forum for info with regards to the event...

All those interested can note me either here, or in my DA account or even email me at
Cheers for now and hope to see you all there!

Cheers for now

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don Bluth

I remembering growing up loving this. Also helps that I like some of the songs in this movie starring Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton John. Just wish the sound could've been better in the clip though.

Anyone with any information with regards to Don Bluth's version of Repunzel?

And who can forget Dirk from Dragon's Lair?

Here's to remembering the 80s,folks! :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tripod's New Ink & Paint Dept is now Hiring!

Heyas Folks! A special word from our pals at Tripod Studio :

TRIPOD ENTERTAINMENT is looking for local fresh graduates (Malaysian citizenship) to join its new Ink & Paint team for 2D (digital) traditional animation.

We are kicking off in mid-April, and this Ink & Paint team will be participate in the production of our DVD movie “War of the Worlds: Goliath”.

The team will be trained & supervised by Sun Min Image Pictures, the Korean studio responsible for animating the “Ben 10” series.

Please find attached the notice, as well as a sample of Ink & Paint “before/after” results from Sun Min, to get a better idea of the work at hand.

The Ink & Paint team will be stationed at Studio Climb, a pre-production/design studio involved in “War of the Worlds: Goliath”. Studio Climb is located at Phileo Damansara II, next to Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya.

Those interested can send in an email cc’d to all the people below:
  • Leon Tan (Tripod producer):
  • Mike Bloemendal (Tripod producer):
  • Spencer Ooi (head of Studio Climb):

A sample of the Ink & Paint process.

"If all goes well we will schedule an interview. Good luck!

Gambatte, Tripod!