Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chummy & Champ Project

It's finally becoming a reality.

Something I've been working on last year. WIP images of a Kid's tv series aimed at nurturing kids and adults alike towards environmental awareness and to do their bit for nature utilizing local wildlife in Malaysia as character hosts for the program.

Right now, voice auditions are under way. Anyone interested in participating and submitting their voice for any of these babies?

Note from our director/producer Azlan Pa'Wan :
Voice Casting:
Start 17th Mar till 6th April.
"Submit MP3 or WAV to Deadline 6 April. So, what are you waiting folks, bring out the kid in you and start practising! :D"
Folks, we have a script that can guide you. If you are interested, please send your details to You can send your own voice sample or opt for the script to read.
Have fun playing with the recorder! And don't forget to spread this message around. The more the merrier eh!
Till then, hug a tree and reduce carbon emission.
Everyday is Earth Day. Do Your Bit for Our Future Generations."
warmest regards

-Shortlisted candidates will be called for physical voice audition at a place to be determined later.
Chummy & Champ is the first truppet (true puppet) aimed at propagating awareness on the environment and instill love and care for the floras and faunas. It combines elements of CGI and interactivity to provide maximum learning and edutainment experience. Please send your voice sample to


Alina Chau said...

THese are so much fun!!

Ken said...

Sandra, congratulations! As usual, your concepts show appeal and character. Nice work = )

Sandra Khoo said...

Al : Hehehehe,glad you like 'em Allie Al!

Ken : Thank you very much,Ken! How are things on your side btw?