Saturday, January 30, 2010

Local & International Studio in Japan looking to hire

1) The exact ad from HR

"You Can Draw,You Can Animate"-(motto from 2d animation software)

Interested to be an animator?
Now we are open to after SPM girls (ahem, SPM graduates)
No matter what u are Malay,Chinese,Indian and others
we a 1 Malaysia! (all candidates interested....)

pls contact 03-80233472
or e-mail

No.4-9,Jalan USJ Sentral 3,
47610 Subang Jaya,Selangor.

2) Polygon Pictures Recruiting Road Trip in Singapore Proposal


Polygon Pictures is preparing for the start of new high-profile TV series which will require up to 60 additional CG artists throughout all positions in the production pipeline. While recruiting vigorously in domestic market, Polygon needs to recruit internationally to fill the seats in given short period of time. The objective of the road trip to Singapore is to promote Polygon Pictures’ recruiting status to increase future job application and identify/hire at least 5 experienced artists from Singapore and surrounding CG communities.

Desired Outcome

1)Identify and hire at least 5 experienced CG artists from this trip.

2)Promote Polygon Pictures’ presence to increase future application from Asian CG communities.

Schedule/Recruiting Process



Jan 20

Complete Draft Schedule

- Jan 22

Exchange ideas w/ 3dsense

Jan 25

Finalize plan / Internal green light at PPI

Jan 26 -

Send out e-mail advertisement

Accepts resumes / demo-reels online

Feb 24 – 28 @ Singapore

Feb 24 (Tue)

Flight from Tokyo to Singapore

Feb 25 (Wed)

Pre Meeting

Feb 26(Fri), 27(Sat)

Corporate presentation / Interviews

Venue: 3dsense Facility

Time: TBD

Feb 28 (Sun)

Interviews / Redeye flight back to Tokyo

Mar 1 (Mon)

Returns to Tokyo

Mar 3 – 5

2nd Round Interviews

- Mar 12

Send out offers from PPI


l Create high quality 3D character modeling, rigging, animation or light/composite

l Commit to meet project deadlines without compromising artistic integrity

l Work in a team-oriented and cross-cultural environment and use organizational and interpersonal skills on a daily basis

l Demonstrate a critical eye and a strong passion for creating and evaluating animation

Recruiting Positions


Skill Requirement

Software Requirement

Modeling/Texture Artists

l Ability to model high-polygon organic characters is required

l Must possess deep knowledge in rigging to be able to deliver high quality models for rig/animation

Maya, ZBrush,


l Must be fluent in MEL and Python script

l Must possess ability to rig for complicated character motion and sophisticated facial expression


Layout Artists

l Demonstrable ability to translate storyboards / animatics into layout sequences


Character Animators

l Must possess ability to animate strong physical motions, as well as subtle personality acting, showing command of weight, timing and posing through key-framing


Lighting / Rendering /
Compositing Artists

l Must be fluent in Maya and Adobe After Effects (having knowledge in Fusion is a plus)

l Must possess deep knowledge and skills BOTH in lighting AND compositing

l Having knowledge in VFX is a plus

Maya, After Effects,


Shading Artists

l Must be fluent in Mental Ray shaders

Maya, Mental Ray

VFX Artists

l Must be fluent in all indicated software

Maya, After Effects,

Real Flow, Houdini


l The candidate should have interest in programming related to CG content production and a track record of technical achievement.


Terms of Contract

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Type of Contract: Freelance Contract

Length of Contract: One year +

Starting: Modelers/Riggers=March, L/O Artist=May, Animators=June

Lighters/Compositors/VFX=August, Programmers=ASAP

Wage: Will commensurate with experience and ability

Wage Reference Table (USD = approximately JPY90)


Avg. Professional


Average Wage

Entry Level

1 to 3 yrs

JPY180,000/mo. - JPY250,000/mo.

Associate Level

4 to 6 yrs

JPY 260,000/mo. - JPY300,000/mo.

Lead Level

7 to 10 yrs

JPY320,000 /mo. - JPY500,000/mo.

Supervisor / Technical Director Level

10 yrs +

JPY500,000/mo - JPY600,000/mo.