Saturday, August 23, 2008


Heyas everyone! Well, a whole lot of things has been happening lately so I had better get started. Besides my day job and rushing for deadlines,keeping me busy from updating my site regularly as I'd like, this happened. My car kaputted on the highway during rush hour after work. Thank God it stalled right in front of the toll booths where there were some able bodied officials to help me with my predicament. Took 2 hours of contemplating,scrutinising the problem and waiting for the tow truck to arrive and bring me to my mechanic's shop. It was quite an adventure for me to be able to sit propped up in the air in the truck like that while the tow chap slowly lowered my car behind the alley,where the mech shop is. Gave a bit of viewing entertainment to 2 dog walkers for a petshop I recognised just a couple of doors down from the mech.

And on another sad note, last month was to be Steve's last collaboration with us all on working on the Saladin project. But am glad to be able to chip in to give him something memorable from the team to commemorate all those fun moments we've all shared together back at the office. Check out Mel's take on the farewell dinner in her blog at
Really glad Steve was happy with the gifts he got that evening over a farewell seafood dinner.
Too many to mention here...but from what I can make out in the photo, from left to right :
Bottom : Syed,Steve,Ezat,Chi Ren and Desmond.
The rest behind : Fy,Shahrain,Remy,Shawal,Gecko,Irma,Iman,Hanie, Mel barely seen behind her and finally, Hafez.

Admiring the Cartoon Logic cards created by the magnanimously talented Mel.

Meh, a shot of me at the office. That pile of Nat Geos there on my desk is a great resource for inspiration and ideas and the likes. That be Mel and Irma in the background.Life savers. Mo's kids first visit to the office one fine day. His daughter,Taliel, kept me company almost throughout watching Spongebob and eating Oreos at my desk. His son was the sweetest, always coming back and forth checking in on his sister,even giving her a kiss on the cheek now and then. This shot is of them having a blast coloring their own versions of Saladin characters. I was having a real down time/bad day at the time, so when Mo brought his kids in,they were like a godsend. And contrary to what Mo describes his kids as, they were definitely perfect angels that day.
Me paying a visit to my sister's house where the family's 2 dogs were let loose at the front porch at the time. Oh joy! I don't get to see a lot of animals nowadays as they don't allow us to keep pets in the apartment.
The 2 rascals went ballistics at their moment of freedom with the family.
And something long delayed but am still very proud to mention here. My pal, Chan Ghee upon winning July's 11 second club. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS,Chan Ghee! You deserve it for all your hard work and energy and thought put into this clip.
And my apologies,folks, for the deceptive image below. Clicking at it doesn't actually make it play,it's just a screen shot from the site.
Check out Chan Ghee's submission at the site here...

And below, something fun to mention. My pal, Matthias Ranheim, shared photos of him posing as an extra in his swat cop outfit for a movie they were shooting in a town where he's at. Hope to see the show when it's completed.

And not too long ago, Joe was back in town to get some work done and Leon and everyone from Imaginex gave him a warm send off dinner and pub crawl at Bangsar after Joe's week long stint here.
Left to right : Joe,Gavin,Alex,Mike,Leon and Luca. A lot of the other guests were gone by the time this shot was taken.
And finally, me working hard fulfilling my aunt duties as photographer for my nephew's 5th birthday at his party held at the KL Bird Park last month. Check out all the shots taken that day at my Flickr....

And finally....

The very inspiring,very talented Carl Barks. Happen to chance upon this clip while perusing through YouTube. In it, our very own Jerry Becks from Cartoon Brew. Enjoy,folks!