Sunday, April 14, 2013

Costume Designs for ZAT

This is a rush job done for Switch Advertising in Egypt for a Children's Musical called ZAT so to speak. And since they've begun promoting the artworks completed in their facebook page here ( )
I see no reason why I can't begin sharing it here.
On all accounts these babies are still under my copyright and ownership seeing as the client is as yet to fulfil their terms of the contract with a long overdue payment. Plus all of the originals and files are still in my possession and is as yet to sign a waiver to them after terms of agreement and contract have been reached. Things didn't turn out so well due to the political upheaval and so forth but it still seems that life has been going on in spite of the turmoil in Cairo. And word has just reached my ear that that same company has been seen in the papers claiming to be producing another musical for a tv program that's said to've cost over 1 million dollars in Egyptian Pounds. Golly! So far things have been delayed for this project including payments without a comprehensive explanation from the asst. director  and Mr. Elhamy Magar at Switch Advertising ( ) . Have been sending inquiries and 2 invoices and reminders thus far but nada. They seem to have disappeared without a word. So we'll see how that goes. Hope this working relationship won't take a turn for the worst.
Hope you all dig my first try at costume designing.

Cheers! I need it too.


Update : My client finally called me up and we chatted on the phone. Was finally able to talk to the director and he pretty much gave a comprehensive explanation of the situation there was and we agreed with a newer understanding of both of our predicaments,that he could possibly pay a certain amount,whatever they can manage for now,while the remaining fee will come later when things have stabilized there. Am just thankful that they did get back to me and apologised for the delays and let me understand what is happening. Things can work out if the communication line is intact. Very very thankful the working relationship is still there.