Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy Busy bee

     Well I'm still alive. Been really busy focusing on the job. Have now been helping to oversee production and script editing. As well as going for recordings,churning out art for both the studio and if there's any energy left,try to churn art out for friends/self,pick out on my puppeteering classes and trying to learn a new language on the side. Will need to see about taking up music lessons professionally if I want to be able to show any solid results of it. I told my friend recently I think it's a mid-life crisis I'm going through. Taking on too many things,wanting to take them on,more than I can handle. I do make time for a social life now,allocating time for shopping or outings with friends,eating,gaming well as hitting out my subjects of interests if they happen to be within reach. Like yesterday's stake out for Jeremy Wade at Sunway Pyramid as Discovery's River Monsters is doing a promo for his new season show,and the 3 day National Achievers 2014 Congress at the Mines Exhibition Centre. It's all been awesome. Great folks and speakers,and even managed to make time to rush back home to have a pre-celebration of one of many birthday celebration for mum's 70th. Needless to say,the past 2 weeks,my bdosy has been yelling for time out. I'll give it some real time out soon. Cos among the things I've been hustling,is to also get my Russian visa ready for next month's  escapade with my Russian pals back to their home town. I can hardly wait! But enough are some pics from my outings. Should bring my cam out more..dunno what I'll catch.

 A very young J.W. at his 20s as a backdrop,as he tells us about the show and what his job entails as the adventure goes on.

 Jeremy checking out a scn of his getting sucked by a lamprey.
 Mr. Wade showcasing his Thos's Hammer  of Fishing Rods and testing its endurance for BIG catches.

 A nice selfie as requested by JW for the crowd that didnt get a chance to get up on stage to get personal selfies and one on one chat with him. And in other news below, Mr. Nick Vujicic was in da house to really wrap things up with a bang for the Annual Achievers Congress at the MINES.
 He is definitely one truly amazing individual and a real inspiration for all. It's been a good conference overall,to the speakers I've had the chance to sit through. Mr .JT Foxx,Mr Brandon Burchard,Mr. Gerry Robert...all have been good and insightful to the challenges and achievements they've made.
Makes me look at myself and recall a lot of things I want to get done,to the people I've promised to work on projects together and so forth and haven't been able to get it off the ground. I hope I won't have to continue making excuses for them and keep on trudging no matter how crazy things can get. It's up to me to make it happen. Let's see how things play along the way. Cheers for now ,folks!