Thursday, September 27, 2007

MnU art group gearing up for another long haul

But first things first, a sneak peek at another page in my old sketchjournal. I got a new sketchbook now since the ol' one is filled up.

The team gathered again at our HQ in Taman Mayang last weekend to discuss on what to do for the new artbook and give our input and suggestions on what the front cover should be this time 'round.

Our suggestions ans sketches.

In other news, termites have infiltrated my room in the rented house I'm currently staying in till the purchasing and renovation of our condo unit is ready. This is the second wave of attack on my boxes. This time,the termites have violated my gifts box. The war rages on.

And finally,a snapshot of Charlie the tom, who takes to visiting neighbors now n then when the dogs aren't around. He seems to've taken on a role as street landlord of sorts and loves paying visits to his 'tenents' when he sees them about. Dropping by for a short chat and for his much needed belly scratch.

Cheers folks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PIPIT and Animation Lecture at UniKL

Made my way to Central Market last Saturday evening to attend the PIPIT 1st Anniversary celebration. Didn't know exactly what to expect except that it's an artist gathering's excuse to chill out,enjoy art and mingle around with other like minded art junkies. There was a cool band drumming away in the open air right in from of the market hall. Rendered a nice atmosphere in the bustling area.

Think I had most fun going 'round the shops to look out for some neat stuff to
purchase. Found some worthy items which I purchased along the way. A Ratatouille poster, a piggy keychain...artistic postcard....etc.

Anyways, got to the venue at Annexxe just directly behind the hall,outside. Artists were listening to some contemporary tunes being drummed out by a solitary musician at the keyboard while the rest perused around the place looking at the streaks of artworks strewn all over the walls and ceilings. I handed in my rough cardboard artpiece, as requested for each Pipit attendee to hand in at the counter. Think you guys can spot which one is mine?

There it is! The one with the big Pitpit word scribbled onnit, 2nd from left on the floor.

Enjoyed perusing thru' the elephant art gallery located directly below from where the event was held. Some really cool stuff,only I don't have that much moolah to throw around to get me one of those pieces.

Also attended a Malaysian animation history lecture by Grandfather at UniKL yesterday morning.He said to attend to brush up on my history knowledge again...glad I didn't miss it in a way. Got to meet up with some ol' familiar faces there too.

Grandfather talking on some of the stop-motion animation works done by Mr. Wong Pak Ting @ TGV studios in Cheras. Good stuff! Didn't get to stay long enough to watch the animation shorts and for the Q & A session,was in a rush to get back to cyberville but nvm,there's always a next time.


Search for the Ghiblies ( by Studio Ghibli *duh* in 2002) in YouTube for more animation goodness. I especially love the dance sequence towards the end of this episode. Watch it! Dangit, now I'm hankering for some curry with rice too!

I Heart Russian Animation

Their stylistic and different types of medium approaches is a breath of fresh air for me to view. Apparently there's a good bunch of Russian animated segments found in YouTube which I'm very happy to announce. These 2 are my favorite by far. Enjoy,folks!

Sherlock Holmes
Animation cut-outs? Timing and personalities in each of the characters is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Top notch in pacing,humor and overall execution of this animated series. Lovely!

Vinni Puh
Piglet is absolutely adorable to watch,as goes for Vinni Puh and Rabbit. I absolutely adore the designs done for this animated series. Wonderful!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For Grant

A long due art piece for Grant I've been delaying for more than a year now. So very sorry for that,Grant. Hope you like it anyways.

Monday, September 10, 2007

At the IFS in Singapore during Independence Day

A few of us from MnU finally paid a long anticipated trip to visit the Imaginary Friends Studio crew in Singapore during our Independence Day celebration. I fell ill along the way but managed to cross the border,meet up with everyone,having a blast there before heading back to KL on that very same day.

Sketches from the crew at IFS in my sketchjournal,WOO!Works done by Stanley, Kendrick,Ray and Chester.

I was not in the best of health to do any drawing at all for this particular trip so I ended up doing a quikey color scribble at one of the many art kiosk for kids at Changi Airport.

Next time,I'll pay a longer visit def. Thank you so much,everyone at IFS, for all the warmth, hospitality and gifts!Stay cool and keep on churning out those awesomely inspiring works that's got all our mouths drooling for more.