Monday, September 10, 2007

At the IFS in Singapore during Independence Day

A few of us from MnU finally paid a long anticipated trip to visit the Imaginary Friends Studio crew in Singapore during our Independence Day celebration. I fell ill along the way but managed to cross the border,meet up with everyone,having a blast there before heading back to KL on that very same day.

Sketches from the crew at IFS in my sketchjournal,WOO!Works done by Stanley, Kendrick,Ray and Chester.

I was not in the best of health to do any drawing at all for this particular trip so I ended up doing a quikey color scribble at one of the many art kiosk for kids at Changi Airport.

Next time,I'll pay a longer visit def. Thank you so much,everyone at IFS, for all the warmth, hospitality and gifts!Stay cool and keep on churning out those awesomely inspiring works that's got all our mouths drooling for more.

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blauereiter said...

Great work from IFS, as usual ! :]