Thursday, September 27, 2007

MnU art group gearing up for another long haul

But first things first, a sneak peek at another page in my old sketchjournal. I got a new sketchbook now since the ol' one is filled up.

The team gathered again at our HQ in Taman Mayang last weekend to discuss on what to do for the new artbook and give our input and suggestions on what the front cover should be this time 'round.

Our suggestions ans sketches.

In other news, termites have infiltrated my room in the rented house I'm currently staying in till the purchasing and renovation of our condo unit is ready. This is the second wave of attack on my boxes. This time,the termites have violated my gifts box. The war rages on.

And finally,a snapshot of Charlie the tom, who takes to visiting neighbors now n then when the dogs aren't around. He seems to've taken on a role as street landlord of sorts and loves paying visits to his 'tenents' when he sees them about. Dropping by for a short chat and for his much needed belly scratch.

Cheers folks!


dintoons said...

what a delightfully glowing sketchbook page!!! :o)

enzo avolio said...

I love your sketchbook page.
You have great line quality.