Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I do love me some Otters. #DavidAttenborough.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Haven't been 'laxing. Here's another installation,this time the croc. Been trying to commit  to more art and drawing studies this year,hopefully I'll get better at it. So far my quota to draw and study at least once or a few times a day have been met. I still have a few pages to share,but perhaps later once I have pages filled. Of course,all animal related artworks this year will be dedicated to the great Sir David Attenborough. Am very happy to see that he's still goin' going strong after all these years. You rawk,man! #DavidAttenborough.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Making of Big Hero 6

Have recently attended The Making of Big Hero 6 at The Curve hosted by Kyle Odermatt ,Visual Effects Supe from Pixar. Unfortunately us minions were sworn to secrecy on the contents of the show and I can't share anything else other than these few pic taken by my pal,Ken. Thanks for the great snaps Ken! He requested a second shot of us performing an act of spontaneity and we were more than happy to oblige.

Asterix can always knock on my door....

Hopeful this will be the first of many series of Bandes Desinees arriving at my door step??? *Nudge nudge,wink wink to my French comrade and Language Exchange partner* Thank you so so much,naim! What a great treat and great way to learn and practice my French reading,eh eh???Merci Beaucoup,mon cher ami! Merci Beaucoup! My cat is thinking " This woman is really crazy!".

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sketch Journal Returns

Ok,it's been like forever since I've posted any new art over here. I haven't been negligent of my craft. Just been thoroughly busy helping to oversee and run the production of our animated series and then some. Took on giving some private tutorials now ...and have recently been confirmed to participate in evaluating a new art program for a University. And henceforth mid of last month,have been undertaking sole responsibility of taking care of my elderly mother. No mean feat!  Well I shall definitely try to post up more often this year...try to note and document down the happenings of my current life flying solo being responsible for home for the first time. It is daunting,...challenging....but I welcome it. Ganbatte,right? Well without further ado....

 Some sketches I did as contribution for last year's #Inktober.
 An old sketch I did in 2012. Man,they were so rough and still unprecise...trying to find their place on the page.
 A mixture of 2012 sketches on the far left and mid section of the page...with new ones added to completely fill up the page late last year.
 I jot down Oct 2014 on the page on this drawing below,but it's mostly for the first 2 facial sketches on the top left corner. The other sketches came in much more recently as a means to just fill up the page.
 Same goes for this orphaned bit o' paper. I drew the lone Octopus during one of my tutorial sessions as dated at the top right of the page. The rest of the drawings found their way onto the page overtime as the days go by.

And finally, hopefully the first of many many tributes I can get done for Sir David Attenborough. One of the biggest influences in my life growing up. Cheers folks!