Friday, April 13, 2012

I know that voice!!!

Thank you Bob for sharing this awesome link! :D Love it!

And I'm kinda hankering to go!
To keep my mind occupied, will be playing the soundtracks from Animalympics while I work. Love love love this show and grew up with it so the songs never grows old on me. Most notably Brad Bird had worked on this project previously along with many talented voice actors with the likes of Billy Crystal & Harry Shearer.
Check out some of the interesting in sight & snippets I found from Wiki
Coupled with the great designs and animation is of course the great soundtracks by Graham Gouldman.

Hope you'll like it too,folks!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

World Wide Sketch Crawl # 35

Hi all,

I will be hosting a group to go out sketching most probably at the Lake Gardens touring the National Monument,lakes,orchid garden,butterfly farm etc as far as our feet can take us in conjunction with the World Wide Sketch Crawl #35 ([link]) happening on Saturday 21st this month. Am not too sure how big or how small the group will be this year so I thought that this place would be ideal and we can also have a picnic luncheon together on that day. Please do spread the word around to whoever may be interested and let me know if you are interested. We may kick start it at 10am so it won't be too hot.

Cheers and look forward to meeting and sketching with you there!