Sunday, November 26, 2006

MnU Artbook preview

Here's a lil preview of what's in store from our Mars and Uranus's up and coming4th edition for this year's Comic Cons held locally here in Malaysia. All the artworks shown here are done by me save for the cover art at the top which was done by Jason ( and colored in by Hadibi ( Every single artpiece has been copyrighted and will be distributed to the masses this coming December on the 15th,16th and 17th.
We'll be manning 2 booths simultaneuosly this time 'round. One at CineLeisure mall where the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Comic Con(15th -17th) will be held, the other booth will be at Comic Fiesta(16th-17th),Sedaya school at Sunway. I've also been approached by my friend to give a talk during the Sci-Fi event about my works or style....I dunno exactly what I'm gonna be talking about yet,but it'll definitely be on the 16th on Saturday. Anyone who's in the neighbourhood on those days,hope to see you there!

Cheers! :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From my Sketchbook

Something I did that I like a lot. The upper left side showing my experience as a passenger in my colleagues car during one lunch hour...thats me at the back seat. Below it is a rough design study for an artpiece I'm working on for our MnU book. On the right,think this pic is going to the printers. Oooo,gotta slog hard to finish all my artworks on time. *.* Need rest!
Cheers folks! :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Not too long ago,I've had the pleasure of meeting up with a bright young girl named Lee-Ling at my project manager's wedding dinner. We've kept each other busy by exchanging drawings and scribbles here n there.I did not realize that that encounter has impacted her life in so much so that it fueled her creative juices to make the effort to come up with new drawings on a regular basis. If not in drawing,then it'll probably be about creative something out of whatever she can get her hands on. We've been exchanging drawings back n forth for a while now. Usually it goes like this,she'd draw something for me,sends it to me via daddy-courier and I'd draw something similar to her subject matter to give to her.Yes,daddy has to hand deliver it back to his daughter,Lee-Ling.
Here's our recent art exchange....rabbits! ^____^ According to her dad,she was really pleased with the outcome of her rabbit seeing as that is her first time attempting to draw an animal at an angle that's not on a profile.

My rabbit at top and hers below it...I like what she drew on the back page of the rabbit. Looks like an attempt at drawing a dog. Nice style there! My very first drawing I've received from her. Really nice ain't it? I was so very touched by all her efforts and gesture. Out of all the drawings she gave to me, this has got to be my most favourite piece. Thats suppose to be me and my dog. I liked the fact that she put a lot of effort into it, tho I can't remember owning that outfit plus that orange pantyhose. Haha! Classic! My poor dog apparently hasn't a backbone to him that his body sinks drastically while being tied torturously to the wall. And I like that she's a keen observer to details. Lookit the shadow effect from the lamp. Lovely ain't it? Truly an artist in the making. ^^
Her take on elephants. There's an elephant to both front and back of the page. Think I prefer the top one coz it has her as a little elephant there as well. Ain't it cute?
It wasn't too long before I realised that the way she'd identify me was by drawing a black dot to my lip area of the face. Looks like a mole there, but that's really my birth mark/scar. So yea,that's supposedly me,the big girl in the middle with her and her friends around me. Gotta love her attention to detail.

Every little piece of her artworks are now on display behind my desk on the office wall to color up my surroundings when I walk in each day. Lee-Ling,if you're reading this, thanx very much for all the lovely artworks. I'm very touched by each of the drawings you give to me and please do keep up the good work. ;)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

CAT Conference 2006

The Creative Arts n Technology Conference 2006 held at Enterprise 4's Auditorium at Technology Park,Bukit Jalil recently on the 6th and 7th this month was both fun n exciting for me coz it means having another opportunity to rub shoulders with more animation lovers or animators, watch screenings of works and animation done by the local professionals and especially getting one of those rare chances of meeting up with old friends again. The icing on the cake was of course, a two part series of talk given by two reps from Studio Ghibli. Above pic showing some of my MnU friends having a blast in front of my digicam before the start of the conference.
Short screening of Howl's moving castle after lunch break.
I love sitting behind these kids. They're the coolest most frank film critics you'd ever want to meet. Here's what some of them were discussing about during the screening of our Saladin trailer..."WOW!That! What's that?" or "I like! Fire! People on fire!"My colleague Kamal at the podium delivering a short talk on our progress work on the Saladin tv series.
Got caught by some MMU and deviantart girls at the bathroom. I got just enough time to sketch something for one of the girls. Cheers ladies and thanx for the warm greetings.

Some additional images here....above is my work table at the office and below...WOOHOOHOO!!! Finally got my hands on a copy of 'Stormy Night' at Speedy Vids. Beautifully done and excellent movie overall. I'm so inspired! ^____^

Thursday, November 02, 2006

SketchCrawl #12 and Caragiale

WOO! Another SketchCrawl event is coming up and heading our way this coming December 9th! Check it out at the forum at
Anyone else from Malaysia going? I'm gonna organize a lil group together to go out for some SketchCrawl mayhem! Lemme know,yep? ^^
And above is a small painting I did in conjuction with the Cartoon Rights Network's Caragiale exhibition in Romania. Check out the cool works and cartoons by various artists from around the globe here....
The second pic is a small scribble I did of myself...:P