Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Not too long ago,I've had the pleasure of meeting up with a bright young girl named Lee-Ling at my project manager's wedding dinner. We've kept each other busy by exchanging drawings and scribbles here n there.I did not realize that that encounter has impacted her life in so much so that it fueled her creative juices to make the effort to come up with new drawings on a regular basis. If not in drawing,then it'll probably be about creative something out of whatever she can get her hands on. We've been exchanging drawings back n forth for a while now. Usually it goes like this,she'd draw something for me,sends it to me via daddy-courier and I'd draw something similar to her subject matter to give to her.Yes,daddy has to hand deliver it back to his daughter,Lee-Ling.
Here's our recent art exchange....rabbits! ^____^ According to her dad,she was really pleased with the outcome of her rabbit seeing as that is her first time attempting to draw an animal at an angle that's not on a profile.

My rabbit at top and hers below it...I like what she drew on the back page of the rabbit. Looks like an attempt at drawing a dog. Nice style there! My very first drawing I've received from her. Really nice ain't it? I was so very touched by all her efforts and gesture. Out of all the drawings she gave to me, this has got to be my most favourite piece. Thats suppose to be me and my dog. I liked the fact that she put a lot of effort into it, tho I can't remember owning that outfit plus that orange pantyhose. Haha! Classic! My poor dog apparently hasn't a backbone to him that his body sinks drastically while being tied torturously to the wall. And I like that she's a keen observer to details. Lookit the shadow effect from the lamp. Lovely ain't it? Truly an artist in the making. ^^
Her take on elephants. There's an elephant to both front and back of the page. Think I prefer the top one coz it has her as a little elephant there as well. Ain't it cute?
It wasn't too long before I realised that the way she'd identify me was by drawing a black dot to my lip area of the face. Looks like a mole there, but that's really my birth mark/scar. So yea,that's supposedly me,the big girl in the middle with her and her friends around me. Gotta love her attention to detail.

Every little piece of her artworks are now on display behind my desk on the office wall to color up my surroundings when I walk in each day. Lee-Ling,if you're reading this, thanx very much for all the lovely artworks. I'm very touched by each of the drawings you give to me and please do keep up the good work. ;)


Mokuu said...

Miss Khoo.... its been a while i havent seen you in action. How's your work going?

Alina Chau said...

What a cute and sweet posting!!

Richard Gaines said...

Ha! Looks like you've got competition, Sandra! Wonderful drawing of the rabbit.

I remember your work on Deviant Art where you went under the monicker "Sandora". Your drawings possess so much character and charm. I especially fell in love with your thematic dog character (ya know, the one with the black ears....).

Keep the postings coming.

Lee-Ling said...

I love your drawings,and all off your best ones.And i am the best drawer in the school.

rm said...

it's really amusing to see a kid's drawing...i used to teach kids before and it's just a blessing to see how different they see our world in a cute and endearing ways. regards to lee ling! and keep the drawings coming! ;)

Sandra Khoo said...

mokuu : Hahaha, work's always a killer when it comes to year end deadlines. But am very very thankful I still have work to do. Heh! :D

Alina : Awww,thanx Al! You've always given us cute postings. Me likes. :)

Richard :WOO! Thanx very much! Yea,she's a star in the making if she keeps up what she's doing. I definitely will keep the posts coming,whenever I have something really good to share. ;)

Lee-Ling : Hey girl!Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what other stuff you have lined up for me. ;) Love them all!

RM : I know! Kids have such a wonderful gift of expressing themselves in drawings thats so awesome to look at,in their own innocent style and conveyance of ideas. All of it should be treasured and nurtured. :)