Friday, July 29, 2005

Well well well....I'm finally sucked into the world of blogging. No suprise there, I seem to be wasting a lot of my time online nowadays instead of doing something more constructive with my life. Thank you all for taking the time to read my baseless prattling on about accounts of my life,starting now ...and I'll definitely try my best to post in as many drawings/sketches as I can muster for your viewing pleasure. Dang, I definitely must get myself a digicam to make this place more interesting.

Anyhooo....I saw this bird of prey this morning on my way to the office, it flew past my car and landed in a nearby bush that I had to stop my car by the roadside to get a better look at it...and again,I wish I had a digicam-handy with MEEE!!!! It was so beautiful! White all over 'cept for the grey wings and I believe some blacktips...looks very much like a falcon...can't be an eagle,too small...I din't know what it was and I aim to find out, since to my knowledge,Malaysia doesn't possess any falcons in the region. Awestruck, I immediately made an attempt to get closer to it before it flew away again to some other destination I could not follow. Anyone who could help me identify this bird,I'd really appreciate it. It was also appreciating to note that a proton did stop and the driver indicated to help me, thinking I was in car trouble(in actual fact was a crazy woman getting in and out of her car stalking a bird), by reversing his car towards mine. But I did start my engine again and moved my car slightly forward. So the nice chap drove off, where I believe was towards the same building I'm heading.

Aiieeee, lunchbreak is over...better get back to work. Later.....