Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stuff for the annual Comic Fiesta in KL

My take on Cowboy Bebop and a sneak peek of what's in the MnU 2007 pocket artbook compilation.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Critter Chorus

Character and animation poses done for BigWig Media.
Animation inks,background and layouts by Mel Celestial (
Flash Animation by Tony Ganem.

Go here to play....

Merry Christmax,folks!

Monday, December 10, 2007

BBA Art Commission

Check out the comic at

Thursday, November 22, 2007

MnU 2007

Almost ready,folks!

Monday, November 19, 2007



Though there's something to be said about some of the brilliant animation works done in here. Though it won't come from me cos I don't know shit enough to be qualified to give any viable comments on them.


So does C3-PO and R2D2.


Love the character on the rat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

GoldRim Media, DownUnder

I love drawing animals. There's so much you can explore. This is King.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Just something I wanna update here. Some shot of Sean's sketches in his latest Brandpress duo editions. Abosulutely brilliant works,Sean! I'm so jealoouussss!
Drop in on Sean's site at if you haven't already.

And something from MDEC but we don't get to keep any of it....growl! We'll have to wait till it's mass produced.

My babies have never looked so good.

And a special sneak peek of the voice recording session done at the VRC room downstairs by our very own team members for the Saladin animatics for ep. 3 and ep. 4.
Sorry I couldn't include the vid clip of this cos it'll spoil the surprise in the dialogues.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Sketches and a new face

Some sketches done during our Thursday Life Drawing sessions at the office after working hours. We each take turns to pose since none of us wanna splurge our hard earned cash on professional models.

And 'ello 'ello 'ello! Blogdom has been invaded by a new settler,and hopefully a permanent and up-to-date one. (Read that Steve?)
Everyone,please drop by and give a warm welcome to Steve Bristow,Animation Director extraordinaire. His blog may be void of many drawings,but is starting to fill up with many animation yarns and tips that is hopefully useful to readers around. This guy has more than a thousand projects under his belt (which he should really list down) that makes for interesting reads once he makes the effort to type them in.
His 2 daughters,Lee-Ling and Lee-Sa, too have taken on the creative streak and have been churning out amazing artpieces from whatever they can get their hands on.
This is Lee-Ling drawing with chocolate sauce on a plate.

Lee-Sa's art skills is nothing short of spectecular!
When lacking in artworks for your blog,Steve, just rope in some of your daughters artworks and voila! Another wonderful artblog to visit.

Visit Steve Bristow's blog at...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MnU Deadlines and Komikon 2007

Ok,we're nearing the end of our production time line for our latest 5th installment of the MnU artbook compilation edition. And between juggling that and working on other freelance works,giving private tutorial sessions and keeping my day job eyes have just about had it. Not so much on the jobs,but the huge emotional stress my body had to go through throughout this entire month. It's amazing how things just run by itself when you've no other choice but to work on a more mechanical(zombie-like)-mode than you're actually used to. Just thank God my loved
ones are making out like champions when it comes to helping out with the impending big house move happening very soon. Right now,we're living in a rented semi-d just 2 doors down from my sis and her family's place. Here's some shot of my works and the make-shift workstation I had to work on while in semi-limbo.

Computer boxes stacked up enough to make a good drawing n typing table...books stacked on top of each other on the side for my viewing references...the cpu acting as an extended table for my other books. What you don't see is that the workstation is placed right in front of my bed and all 'round me are stacks of more books,cds/dvds and odds n ends to keep me preoccupied enough on the job.

All that and I still find time to drop in at Cineleisure during a weekend to show some morale support for my pals participating the 24 hour comic event held there.

Thats Aimo and Hanie having a grand time at their parking lot.

Eisu is just way too psyched and revving to go.

Iman is taking it easy with his comic.

Our one and only rep from the MnU team is our teammate's lil bro, Hakim, participating for the first time in such an event. Looks like he's having a good time too!

A clear view of our pal,Bokson,too preoccupied to look at the cam. Oh well...

Cheers folks!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

MnU art group gearing up for another long haul

But first things first, a sneak peek at another page in my old sketchjournal. I got a new sketchbook now since the ol' one is filled up.

The team gathered again at our HQ in Taman Mayang last weekend to discuss on what to do for the new artbook and give our input and suggestions on what the front cover should be this time 'round.

Our suggestions ans sketches.

In other news, termites have infiltrated my room in the rented house I'm currently staying in till the purchasing and renovation of our condo unit is ready. This is the second wave of attack on my boxes. This time,the termites have violated my gifts box. The war rages on.

And finally,a snapshot of Charlie the tom, who takes to visiting neighbors now n then when the dogs aren't around. He seems to've taken on a role as street landlord of sorts and loves paying visits to his 'tenents' when he sees them about. Dropping by for a short chat and for his much needed belly scratch.

Cheers folks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PIPIT and Animation Lecture at UniKL

Made my way to Central Market last Saturday evening to attend the PIPIT 1st Anniversary celebration. Didn't know exactly what to expect except that it's an artist gathering's excuse to chill out,enjoy art and mingle around with other like minded art junkies. There was a cool band drumming away in the open air right in from of the market hall. Rendered a nice atmosphere in the bustling area.

Think I had most fun going 'round the shops to look out for some neat stuff to
purchase. Found some worthy items which I purchased along the way. A Ratatouille poster, a piggy keychain...artistic postcard....etc.

Anyways, got to the venue at Annexxe just directly behind the hall,outside. Artists were listening to some contemporary tunes being drummed out by a solitary musician at the keyboard while the rest perused around the place looking at the streaks of artworks strewn all over the walls and ceilings. I handed in my rough cardboard artpiece, as requested for each Pipit attendee to hand in at the counter. Think you guys can spot which one is mine?

There it is! The one with the big Pitpit word scribbled onnit, 2nd from left on the floor.

Enjoyed perusing thru' the elephant art gallery located directly below from where the event was held. Some really cool stuff,only I don't have that much moolah to throw around to get me one of those pieces.

Also attended a Malaysian animation history lecture by Grandfather at UniKL yesterday morning.He said to attend to brush up on my history knowledge again...glad I didn't miss it in a way. Got to meet up with some ol' familiar faces there too.

Grandfather talking on some of the stop-motion animation works done by Mr. Wong Pak Ting @ TGV studios in Cheras. Good stuff! Didn't get to stay long enough to watch the animation shorts and for the Q & A session,was in a rush to get back to cyberville but nvm,there's always a next time.