Saturday, February 07, 2015

Daily Art Challenges complete!!!!

YYYAAAYYYY!!! I've finally done it! It's A WRAP! FINOTO! Can finally say I've done it and boy has it been ever so challanging! Thanks so much to the ever awesome Erin Humiston to smack me with this fun challenge I find quite a number of fellow talented artists are currently undertaking in FB.
Here's a round up of what are the stuff I've been posting....
 My tribute to the fabulous Morris. Grew up with his works since I was a wee lil gurl. Love Lucky Luke,Jolly Jumper and the Dalton brothers. My salute to the maestro!
 A sneak peek into the first page of one of my sketch journals...
And I'm calling this one Tyger,Tyger. And as always,every animal sketches and artworks I do this year is a tribute to the wonderful,the inspirational Sir David Attenborough. The man is just unsurpassed on every level. Thankful for all the things he's shared to us on screen. #DavidAttenborough.

 Some anatomy studies I do when I have time to spare...
 Some ol' digital sketch studies I did quite a while back and dug up from the cobwebs. Think it gives a good insight of what goes on in my head when I did each of those sketches....
A quick Lizard sketch I did. And yes! Another tribute to Sir David Attenborough.
Up Next!....

And it's a WRAP!!!!
 Some digital sketches I did mid last year. It first started out as a page for pirate sketches...then I suddenly felt like doing more anatomy studies....then suddenly felt like it needed a Dennis the Menace tribute to what I've digested during my early years as a kid....then suddenly I knew that I had to test myself if I could still churn out Saladin artworks like the best of 'em,even if it's been quite a few years since I've touched base with them. And WOO! I'm so happy and relieved that I haven't lost the touch.
 Muh gurlsss.....I jsut felt like drawing pretty girls...I know why. I was probably perusing through Audrey Kawasaki's work. The girl is a genius!!! Kick-Ass inspirational!
And finally some sketches I did during audio recording last Wednesday. Several tributes Pendleton Ward,to Goscinny and Uderzo,to Herge' Morris and finally to Bruce Timm.
Bottom left is a sketch of what happens when someone tries to cross me for my preciouusss at a recent visit to Tour le Jour. Can you guess what's inside my bag? The lil alien is a description set out by our maestro sound engineer and designer,Ivan.

And that is it for the 5 days of art challenge!!! Hope you all had a grand time perusing through it!

And a nice way to end this post...I want to share with you all what came by my post box just the other day. 
 A slick copy of the top winner from the previous Bande Desinee' Festival held in Angouleme from my bestie,Naim. It's called " An Ocean of Love". I love it sooo much!!! Words cannot express,the quality of the art is just too awesome....
The pages were infused with rich sketch style drawings done by an obviously talented artist and draftsman, Gregory Panaccione. The equally touching and heartfelt story within, by Wilfrid Lupano.
Seriously,I was so touched by Naim's gesture couple with the great story and artworks within,I literally cried. It's just that good and beautiful...done with so much finesse,it had no dialog or text to boot in order to get the entire story across. I highly recommend it to everyone!  

Cheers everyone! Hope you'll have a great February ahead!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Day # 2 Art Challenge

 OK! Here's today's upload for my art challenge by Erin. This first page is meant to be specifically for Dogs. But then I suddenly felt like drawing cats all of the sudden...thought that perhaps some meowsers in the page would add some sort of balance? In some way,that's how my brain functions. Then all of a sudden,I felt like drawing a girl. Go figure.
 This second page is all about the Old Man studies I'm doing for Gavin's lil pet project. Still trying to crack my brain over how to get it done right.
And this final page is a sneak preview of one of my sketch journals where I dump all of my art studies into.

Cheers and hope you enjoy,folks!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Erin's Art Challenge - Day # 1

 Hi y'all! Well this year's getting from busy to busier as the days progress. Yesterday I've had the pleasure of catching up with my ol' pal,Erin Humiston and just out of the blue,he challenges me in FB to a 5 day art challenge whereby I'm require to submit and share 3 pages of art that's not been seen or shared anywhere online before. So,to dig up my lil' trove of sketch's my first sets of 3 in no particular order. The first page above is my art studies of the Magnificent Maestro Uderzo's style. Been growing up with both his and Goscinny's series since I was a kid. I've been asked by my Dutch publisher,Wallie,if he can commission an Asterix sketch from me. So that's just what I've been up to as recorded in those sporadic dates on the side of the page. Lil bit at a time,sketch sketch sketch....

 This next page is a tribute commission for my French Language Exchange pal,Naim's role playing game character alongside his brother's.  He requested for some sort of French rogue Muskateer character. So Voila!
This last page : On the left,is an Old Man study I'm doing for a graphic novel project for Mr. Gavin Yap. The other side,I jsut felt like drawing a bulldog.

Cheers and hope you all like it!