Wednesday, August 13, 2014

At the Studio

    Whew! It's been a whirlwind of events after events each day since getting back from Russia. Thankfully safely. The timing was just too close for comfort. My condolences goes out the all the families of the 298 passengers of MH 17 who were directly involved in the mid air tragedy over Ukraine on 18th July,and just a day,right before my Birthday too! Makes it all the more poignant and important for me to appreciate and celebrate not just my birth date,but life as a whole.  And am very very thankful indeed that all of my family and friends have rallied together to make this birthday a very very loving and exceptionally special one this year for me. Celebrated what's possibly my last birthday together with my twin before she's finally green-litted to go and join her husband in NY. She'll prob be staying there for a good many years to work on her PR qualifications so there's no chance of her coming back to M'sia,unless we go visit her in NY. I know I'm gonna be grounding myself for a while for now.
    I'll definitely want to share all of the photos I've taken while in Russia,as well as my Febuary trip to Borneo to celebrate my friend and colleague's wedding by the beach in her hometown in Kudat. Also made a quick trip back to my own home town in Penang Island up yea,tons and tons of photos to go through and share everywhere.
   It's been a nonstop chugging of daily work and requirements each week since coming back home and my body's been trying to cope with the onslaught. Not to mention I've now started taking on a bit of private art tuition for a friend's twin girls at their home over the weekend. They're showing great promise at such a young age so I'm all for passionate students with bright futures in the art industry.
   Will def try to update when I can. Meantime, here's a lil sketchie of what happened at the studio today. I was venting my disappointment and frust at my colleague,Joe,with a rambutan just after lunch. Fun was had by all. Life's good innit?