Saturday, December 30, 2006

French Film - Le Papillon (trailer/music video)

I am absolutely enthralled by this film and simply must have it! Too bad our nearest stores don't carry a wide selection of French films. The sweet and innocent interaction between the little girl and the old man portrays a quality that's certainly lacking among movies nowadays. The French really do know how to play around a simple plot and yet make it as enchanting an experience as ever. Vive la France!

More Artworks

A lil drawing of a lil owl I did for our MnU book that never made it to the printers. There was just too few pages for it to be inserted along with the others.
An old drawing of sharks I did at another previous studio a while back.

As promised, here's the image of the Wild Cat quick sketch I did a video clip of that's posted in YouTube.

And finally, some more shameless pluggin'. Another one of my artworks done in participation of The Cartoonists Rights Network Exhibition in Romania for January next month. This time 'round they're gonna be featuring Mihai Eminescu among many others. Here's my rendition of Mr. Eminescu. Check out the exhibition details and stuff here at

Cheers folks! :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Vote for Honey Baby!

Here's something light hearted for everyone!
Ok,I've been campaigning for an additional character to be added to the cast of the Saladin project ( ) at my office for sometime now but it's still under consideration. This is the lil character, Honey Baby, the Sugar Glider. Your vote counts and all feedbacks are welcome. Just place your vote/notes/ideas here and I'll be checking in on the progress now and then. Please help Honey Baby make it to the Big Screens.

Cheers and thanks very much!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


The title says it all! :) Hope everyone will have an lovely and enjoyable time during this festive season with all their loved ones,friends and family. Sorry I didn't have time to draw out anything special to post in here,busy n all in preparations for the festive occassion. So am using an image from the MnU book I've been working on for the past month or so. Really do hope that everyone will have a good time and TAKE CARES!


Friday, December 22, 2006

DIgital Comic Competition 2006

Hello everyone! This just took place last Wednesday alongside the Mobile content and Computer Games Design Pitch event. Check out all the stuff here at
Each participants were given 4 minutes to pitch their idea to the mass before being bombarded by a barrage of questions from the judges. All winners for the Digital Comic Pitch event were awarded RM15K grants each to fulfill their dreams of seeing their original IPs slowly coming to life.

Hope to post more images in here soon. Cheers folks and a BIG congratulations to all the 10 winners of the competition!!! Make it happen! :)

Comic Fiesta and SciFi Fantasy Comic Festival 2006

Great days at the Annual Comic Fiesta and the SciFi & Fantasy Comic Festival. But am sooo relieved that it is finally over and we can get back to normal life. This here is our booth manned by some sacrificial volunteers from MnU. We're also planning to sell our books online and in bookstores for those of you who've missed the action.
Special appearances from the Imperial Army,including Predator,Eragon,Freddy,Jason,Elecktra and Susan from the F4.
Had the honor of spraying graffiti on a make shift wall alongside Mr.Vader. That;s me holding back his cloak from knocking over the other spray cans.
Me giving a talk on Character Design and Style during the SciFi event.
Above is a pic of Eric and Sarah Joan (comic artist extraordinaire) and below it, a glimpse of the 24 hour comic competition. From our side and right in front,you can see Gray and Thim working hard on laying out their ideas and rough sketches.
The hooligans who're manning the booth at the Comic Fiesta in Sedaya School Hall. Somehow our lil family seems to have adopted quite a few more bunch during the event.
And last but not least, a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all the lovely folks who've supported us in making these events a big success and also for purchasing the goods.
Cheers! :D

Monday, December 18, 2006

Your name in Latin

Discovered this neat lil site that allows you to translate your name into the Latin version. Interesting!

Already knew mine anyways....Alexandra Khoo. Try it out!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wild Cat drawing - Step by step

I did a very rushed,rough piece of how I go about getting a drawing out. As many have enquired about it in the past, so here it is folks. Sorry it's kinda blur and it cuts of midway (due to my memory card running out of space, but anyways, here it is,folks! Enjoy!

SketchCrawl #12

What a blast! Please do pop on down to the SketchCrawl forum to check out all the lovely artworks posted by many other talents from around the world here at...

And all the images I've uploaded in my Flickr site at ...

Also another thing I forgot to mention. Have uploaded some video clips from that day as well in YouTube.

Can't wait for the next one! :D Cheers all!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Sneak Peek

Check it out at ....

and the schedule for the up and coming Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Convention ...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boston SIGGRAPH 2006 Showreel in KL - part 2

Sorry folks! I had some trouble with blogger trying to upload all these photos in a single entry but it just wasn't cooperating. So I had to continue in another slot. After the show was over, a whole group of us were treated to dinner by the hosts at Shrooms at KLCC for some more mingling and chillin'. And some sketches I did while I was there.
Above, sketches I did while on my way to town on the LRT. And below, while waiting at the Mandarin Oriental hotel lobby for my colleague to pick me up. Naw,I didn't stay there. I slept on a chair at the Impiana Hotel where my colleague had a room. Amazingly managed to get some sleep despite the make-do arrangement. I really must've been very tired that day.
During a coffee break. There was this girl doing a mo-cap simulation gig at one of the booths there. Wish I had more time to capture all of her movements and gestures.

Cheers! :)

Boston SIGGRAPH 2006 Showreel in KL

Here's what I saw on my arrival at KLCC at night. Had to wait a while for my colleague to pick me up to get to the hotel,so I did what any other sane artist would do in such a beautiful night as this, night photography.
KLCC at night. After all this time, I still get excited and enthralled by the spectecular view it offered. Definitely a fantastic piece of architecture.
The Convention Centre.
Terrence Masson delivering his note on 'The top 5 things that will DOOM your animation production'. Lovely!
The convention centre outside.
Coffee break. Booths were set up in another hall for conference-hoppers to mingle and chill in between seminars.Dig the crazy awesome view outside the convention centre on beautiful clear day. It'll be a total waste if I didn't take advantage of it and escape for a bit for some fresh air outside in the park. I'm glad I took some time out in the park with Mel and Joe there. Dig the beautiful trees with all the dangling roots about them.