Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boston SIGGRAPH 2006 Showreel in KL

Here's what I saw on my arrival at KLCC at night. Had to wait a while for my colleague to pick me up to get to the hotel,so I did what any other sane artist would do in such a beautiful night as this, night photography.
KLCC at night. After all this time, I still get excited and enthralled by the spectecular view it offered. Definitely a fantastic piece of architecture.
The Convention Centre.
Terrence Masson delivering his note on 'The top 5 things that will DOOM your animation production'. Lovely!
The convention centre outside.
Coffee break. Booths were set up in another hall for conference-hoppers to mingle and chill in between seminars.Dig the crazy awesome view outside the convention centre on beautiful clear day. It'll be a total waste if I didn't take advantage of it and escape for a bit for some fresh air outside in the park. I'm glad I took some time out in the park with Mel and Joe there. Dig the beautiful trees with all the dangling roots about them.

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