Thursday, October 20, 2005


Hehehe, here's my take on Alina Chau,folks! ^^ Hope ya like it Al! Thanks for being a great pal, a great person...*hugz*
Oh yeaaa,I was tagged by here's 20 stuff about moi...
1) I dig horseback riding.
2) Am currently squashing the irrepressible urge to bleach my whole head blondish white with streaks.
3) Am a self confessed Trekkie - STTNG.
4) I love watching rugby - especially when the Malaysian team is getting creamed by the W. Samoan team. XD
5) I enjoy studying and observing wildlife in their natural habitats, being a nosey parker to their peaceful existance in general.
6) Rocky Road is my favorite ice cream flavor.
7) Am a proud owner of 2 dogs, 2 cats and a family of fishies.
8) Trying hard to keep my gym exercises consistant with 2 trips a week (paid for the pleasure of pain)
9) White roses with lavenders are my favorite flowers.
10) Love to get lost in the imaginary world of literature.
11) Have always wanted to have a go at archery but as yet to try.
12) I may look innocent and normal in size, but I can pack in a few meals in 1 sitting given the opportunity. XP (Great greedy guts)
13) Grew up on ABBA, so yea, I like ABBA.
14) Am a twin. 10 minutes younger than my other sibb.
15) I love to cook for people and enjoy watching them enjoy the home cooked food.
16) Enjoy relaxing in front of the tele watching Travel & Adventure or docs coz I can't afford to go to any of those destinations.
17) Ex-plotter of Whipped Cream,flour and water balloons at my intended victims...those ingredients are too valuable to go to waste now.
18) Love meeting new people online, some of them turned out to be best friends.
19) Pastas are my specialties.
20) If I could give you anything you want, I would.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wallace & Gromit tragedy

Cut out of the local news here in Malaysia. It was printed on the day it happened, sorry, I was late posting it.

ASIFA - Hollywood Animation Archive Project

Log in and link up guys! Spread the word!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


My version of Mr. Meyer.


Just trying on some colors in photoshop.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Whats the Scoop on Jom and Paul Robinson/David Rand

Heyas everyone! Eeee, how time flies and I hardly justify meeting everyones needs for new updates and fresf artworks to oggle at. So let's not dilly dally it is folks! First and Foremost....
I'd like to congratulate Hadibi for getting his artwork published on the front cover of 'Jom' this month. F.Y.I. Jom is a new comic mag among many others here in Malaysia. To my eyes, it's contents are getting better and better, even the quality and style of the artworks innit are slowly but surely have been climbing steadily. Well,it's still new, so we'll have to see how it fares next year. Here's an image view of Hadibi's front cover work.

Oh YEAAAA!!! A week or 2 ago, I was informed of some art books or comic books of sorts that would be handed to me by my buddy and ex-colleague,Aliow. Little did I know that last Saturday, when we finally get to meet up over chow and more chow....that he is handing over to me these OH MY HONEST TO GOODNESS goodie bag full of old copies of Paul Robinson and David Rand books. And all still in mint condition!!! WAAAA!!!!My friend must've known my popped eyed expression, and guess, was real pleased I'm taking over ownership of these babies. Turns out, he has a friend who frequents Penang Island in search of good old second hand books there and if he should stumble on some good ones, he'd hand them over to Aliow. And since Aliow didn't want to keep 'em anymore,well then, just hand 'em over to me,babe! WWWOOOHOOO!!! I know these books are exceptionally hard to come by nowadays unless some of you guys out there can fill me in on whether any of these ever made it to republication or something. If not,then I'd appreciate it if y'all can get back to me onnit coz I'd like to share the contents of these gems with all of you viewers out there by patiently and carefully scanning them in here for all your viewing pleasure. ;) I checked the copyright thingy innit and it dates back 1963. O.O There's about 3 Paul Robinson books and 5 Dave Rand books in total, folks! So I'll be happy to keep this site busy with new updates on the books as regularly as I can put 'em in. So Lemme know, ya? Cheers Folks!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Me big bro can draw!

Hehehehe,I was really happy yesterday night when my big brother saw me doin' some sketches and declared that he could draw too. So imagine a cute scene of my big bear-like brother crounching over a side table doodling away beside me. "There ya go!" he boomed. Each character done in 10 seconds. Hehehe,if I ever find the time to animate again,I'll definitely give his designs a try. Very original and adorable. If you can't identify them, I asked him to draw African animals. there's the elephant,hippo and lion. ^^Give him a break folks, he's 34 and hasn't touched drawing since elementary school. (Oh dang! He squished an ant in the process! Sorry folks!)

This, coupled further with the evening's programme of me and me bro and sis-in-law enjoying reminising on good ol' 2D animated cartoons while watching The Sword in the Stone. (a personal favorite of mine) I soaked up the evening and enjoyed every moment of it, coz this is something we hardly ever do anymore, family evening, y'know.Growing up somehow makes everyone too busy for anything else anymore. Amazing scenes by amazing animators and artists who brought it to life.

That's all for now,folks! Thanx so much for all the wonderful comments and interests in the work here. Hope I can post more soon.

Gggrrr...why does it take me two times to upload the same pic before it'll show in my Edit post?