Monday, February 10, 2014


Finally managed to clean up my wolf sketch studies yesterday evening while being bombarded with inspiration after inspiration from the Bande Dessinee circuit. *le sigh*

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr Brent Spiner!!!

First and foremost! A grand Happy Brithday wish to Lt Comm Data!!! Was so awesome to be able to meet and greet with a whole bunch of awesome talents and folks that day at SDCC 2010 alongside my long time friend and bro,Eric Searles. I really should see about uploading my pic library regularly,especially in my Flickr site which has sorely been neglected.'s what else I've been busy trying to get creative with again.

 I seem to have a thing for paisley.
 Drawing Mr J is a given. I never get tired of drawing him.
 I quickie farce of a scene that's been discuss with my bro Eric and his pal,Matt Dulemba, while we were collaborating creatively over a new comic project. Yes, I seriously want to be the Ewok. Everyone else can don the cliche'.

And finally,where I  was yesterday evening thanks to my twinnie having a spare ticket to Japan's Beat Bumper troupe for a one night performance this CNY hols. Brill brill brill! Thank you sis! Had a grand time hanging out with your pals too,Gabriel & Shahnim.
Nice way to keep my mind off my flu recovery during this festive season.

Cheers and have a wonderful productive week ahead everyone!