Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Dec updates so far

Well have taken the week off this week in order to get some form of order into my chaotic life right now. Car's been acting up and begging to retire,so off to the mech it goes. Then there's the issue of spring cleaning and getting all of my chores aside. Thankfully managed to allocated some time to meet up and catch up with my ol' collegemate,Chan Ghee who's currently back in town for Christmas this year. That was fun and was a much needed de-compressing time for my body to recoup from the terribly stressful past week I've been having coupled with recovery from a recent flu epidemic that's been hitting the studio last week. Hope to get some more recharge and therapeutic time with my good friend,Naz over another cooking session as his place. Meantime,here's a bit of updates on whats been going on in the house :

Have a client/contact who is looking for an animator/artist to work on such a project as chown in the link above. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply/contact Mr. Justus Luke at this email address :
And the master himself!!! Mr. Kim Jung Gi is in the neighborhood (in Penang to be exact!)for a live sketch marathon hosted by the One Academy!!! WAAA!!! Not everyday we have the maestro in Malaysia, so if you have the chance, I strongly suggest heading up north for this worthwhile event! :D
In other news, have been trying to find a good home for this wee lil kitten I've managed to rescue from the petrol kiosk last month during a rainy night. She's been given a full sound health diagnosis from the vet with all the necessary de-worming and shots already. So all she needs now is a caring and warm place she can call home. If you know of anyone who may be interested,please help to spread the word around .We hope to find her a home for Christmas. Thank you so much,folks!