Friday, August 26, 2005


A lil sketchy of my mascot with two of his companions,lil Pee and Poo.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Funny Hair

Last Tuesday on my way back from work I stopped at the last traffic lights before reaching home. The lights were red at the time so I decided like always to play with my hair...apparently I didn't realize that the black car next to mine was honking at me. Turns out that both driver and passenger in the black car found it quite amusing to watch me fiddling with my hair instead of concentrating on the they,quite happily in fact, honked at me and indicated with a finger that I was suppose to be watching the road. And I detect laughter on their part as well. Much laughter.The lights were still red by the way, and it stayed that way for quite a while...Well,bully to me, I just stared at them in amazement till the lights turned green, the thought pounding in my head...'What just happened?' Apparently I made someone's day...anyone who is bored at staring at the road all day long...look out for my ol' lil DeeDee on the road,who knows,you might be amused too. :P
And i can still remember their licence plate number...WCM 121...*bleh*


Friday, August 05, 2005


For a long time now,I've been seriously thinking about publishing, one in particular a book on drawings of animals. Perhaps with stories, a comic? Any takers if I were to endeavour so?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cats in the alley

I caught a fleeting glance of this scene at a nearby alley in the neighbourhood. The big black persian was magnificent with the exception of a distinctly pink tongue sticking out of it's mouth,....and a wee little siamese looking kitten by it's side looking all curious and frightened.
Oh and found a wonderfully inspiring site by Sergio Pablos, one of the animators of Disney's Treasure Planet. (

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The hills are aliveeee....

...with the sound of muuussiiiccc! Aaahhh,Feeling really great this morning. I'm feeling really great,hip and totally WACKO! Completely in is good! I'm gonna paste one old and one recent sketch here to put some vibrance to the dull page. Did this during breaks at the office I'm currently attached to at Cyberjaya. Man,I really gotta study more on anatomy and learn to give more details to my drawings...but lazy work is sometimes more enlightening and good to look at work,don't you agree?Hopefully my stuff and this blog will get better as time progresses....:P