Monday, December 22, 2008

David Attenborough's lectures aids Character Designers

I love David Attenborough.
I grew up with many of his programs when I was very little,thanks to my dad's stash of documentaries he collects with a passion. I would credit Mr.David A. and my dad for instilling a wide array of wildlife understanding and interest in them from the materials I've been fed with for so many years. I've recently found these gems from,again, YouTube. Characteristic of David, he went to great lengths in explaining the complexities yet general understanding of the animal world to his audience and I was amazed ,though not surprised, as to how much this valuable information can be applied to our animation studies. Yes, animal studies is one of the core backbone requirements to help flesh out and understand your character designs better. But I find many of the local schools here do not or have never included these studies into their syllables. With such a case,the individuals will then have to take the initiative to study about them by themselves,and how much they can learn about one animal, all depends on the amount of time and effort it takes them to find out about it. I wish for the day we would have A Mr.Attenborough or equivalent of to give wonderful lectures such as these that is beneficial to all, including us animation artists.

Any wonder why both David and Walt are great at what they do (and why I like them so much)? They understand everything that is needed for their job and they both share that same understanding about characteristics,be it in the form of an animal or cartoon character.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Aachi and Ssipak

Many thanks to Park Min,Leon and Joe for introducing and mentioning it to us Saladinians last Wednesday night.
Park Min having a go at my new sketchbook. With much regret, I've carelessly lost my old sketchbook journal while on a bus ride back from the airport to our bus terminal in KL. I am still holding on to the hope that one fine day the book will be returned to me in pristine condition otherwise complete. Joe looks on.
Leon and Park. Check out his awesome stuff here at his blog...
Joe (we dubbed him Joey for the night to avoid confusion) and Mel checking out sensei Junning's deft and killer strokes while testing my brushes and watercolors in my sketch journal.


Another YouTube gem find.
Trailer based on Dargaud's 'Siegfried'. Animation by 'Pendragon Imageworks'. All rights reserved 2007

Sorry it should've been spelled Pendragon Imageforge instead of Imageworks. But anyways,here are the links...

Check out Alex Alice's blog and his beautiful artworks on the project here.... has posted an article about it here...

Thank you Jerry and Amid for posting this up in the Brew~! Made my day when I checked out the morning papers.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

R.I.P. Forrey

The grandfather of Horrormania and fanzine has passed away at 11:58 PM 12/04/2008.
If you have a facebook account,you can drop by his site here...
I grabbed this image of him from his facebook site.

He opened his heart to everyone and anyone out there including this insignificant piece of dust so am thankful to've had the opportunity of knowing him a little better even being this far away from ever getting to meet him in person. A big man with a gigantic heart.

The Boxing Lesson

Ryan Cano, owner of The Loyalty Firm and manager of The Boxing Lesson contacted me about their "new killer animation vid" for their song Dark Side of the Moog that was directed by Eric Power (Waking Life). Ryan adds " This video is in HD on Vimeo and to see the band come to life via animation has the whole band psyched about spreading their psychedelic music in this visually stunning way. The bands beloved drummer Jake Mitchell can even be seen in animation form".

HD Video is at:

Here's the youtube link:

Anyone wanna do an interview with the band or haven't had their album Wild Streaks & Windy Days available to review, please contact:

Ryan Cano, Owner

The Loyalty Firm

Management & Publicity



Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jobs hiring


Tripod Entertainment is looking for animation talents for its “War of the Worlds: Goliath” production (WOTW).

WOTW is a DVD-release English-language animated sci-fi action-adventure “steampunk” movie, based on the “War of the Worlds” novel by HG Wells.

The production is mostly 2D, with 3D vehicles, props and certain environments.

The WOTW DVD movie will be released worldwide, and is expected to complete production in end-2009.

Tripod Entertainment is looking for candidates with the required criteria for the following departments:

1) Layout
  • Function: To create all layout environments for key animation.
  • Criteria: Candidates must be very skilled and experienced artists who understand perspective, and can translate key background drawings into layouts that animators can use. Artistic skill must be significantly strong, and must have experience in animation projects.

2) Colour (a.k.a. Ink & Paint)
  • Function: To apply colour to all animation according to colour key plans.
  • Criteria: Candidates can be fresh graduates or interns interested in starting out in animation.

Please note:
  • Candidates will be hired for a minimum of SIX months, and will be based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
  • Freelancers are encouraged, although there is a strong possibility of long-term hire on other Tripod projects, depending on the talent’s performance for WOTW.
  • Candidates will undergo training & supervision with lead artists & animation directors from SUN MIN IMAGE PICTURES, the animation studio behind “Ben 10”, “Fantastic Four”, etc. Sun Min personnel will be based in Petaling Jaya.
  • Candidates will also receive the support of Tripod’s production management based in Los Angeles.

Depending on their performance during this production, selected candidates may have the opportunity to work at Sun Min in Seoul, or with Tripod in Los Angeles, on other projects in the future.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Candidates must have an aptitude to learn. This is a great opportunity to gain rare knowledge & exposure from a production which is run according to world-class animation processes & disciplines employed in Los Angeles and Seoul.

INTERESTED? Please send us your portfolio to:

LEON TAN, Executive Director, Tripod Entertainment

Deadline: 6 DECEMBER 2008

If you are an actual studio, please also forward your enquiries to the email address above. Please submit your portfolio also.


1) Steve Bristow from Creative Licence needs fulltime:-
a)Production Designer (5 months contract)
b)Character Designer (5 months contract)
c)Storyboard Artist (4 months contract)
d)Animatic/Offline editor (3 months contract)
e)Line Producer (8 months contract)
-For a 3D animated TV pilot episode for a US client. Need the following for a Dec or Jan start.
-They will be based in TTDI. If you have any buddies who are interested ask them to call me on 012 238 1500 or email me at


2) Scriptwriter Manesh Nesaratnam urgently needs 2 storyboards artists for a vid project of his. Please contact him at or
+60 (19) 277 2793


3) Animation Director Syed Hassan is looking for...
a) Layout artists (5-6 ppl)
b) Ink and Painters (5-6 ppl) fill in slots for a 2D animation tv series by December.
Fresh grads are encouraged to apply as training will be provided. No previous experience necessary as long as you have the passion and commitment though skills in life drawing and knowledge of perspective is required. Comic artists are also welcome to apply.
Contact Mr. Syed Hassan at or his h/p : 012-2682096


4) My colleague Steven Lim from Young Jump is sounding out word that they're hiring big time....

"Our studio currently has a number of positions available for both fresh graduates and experienced animators. If you know of anyone who's looking to be part of a cutting-edge animation studio with high aspirations, please do ask them to get in touch with me!

We are looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to join us as:

* 3D Modelers & Riggers
* Texture Artists
* Animators
* Compositors
* Lighting Specialists
* Visual Effects Specialists

Currently, we are involved in production of Saladin, a fully 3D-animated series slated for international release. Work on the series has been at once challenging and exciting; demanding and rewarding. We believe that through Saladin, Young Jump can offer animators an enriching learning experience seldom found within the local animation industry. Of course, we also have our own plans for the future, and are looking for the right people to help us build that vision!

Good people are always hard to find, so we would very much appreciate your help in passing on the word.

Thank you".

Please contact :

Steven Lim
Project Manager
Young Jump Animation Sdn Bhd

12A, Jalan 5/91A,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603 9283 3562
Fax: +603 9283 1562
H/P: +6012 6988 642

Visit us at [link]

Pink Floyd

A favor for my chef friend,Brian at
That be his dog,Floyd,with his lamb doll he takes to sleep with him.
The sweetest thing.