Sunday, July 19, 2009

29 today

...but I don't feel a year wiser. Wise-ass maybe...:P

Just got back from a lovely dinner with palsies and am gonna digest with some more inking jobs,maybe a game on the side with Snoopy on this time. Nostalgia time. Grew up with the brilliant works of Bill Melendez and Lee Mendelson who did such a good job translating Charles Schultz's works into animation paired beautifully with the music by the Sherman Bros.
Among the many I grew up with...
1) Snoopy Come Home

2) Race for Your Life Charlie Brown

3) Bon Voyage Charlie Brown


Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick girl sketch

All of these clips are food for my study refs. Thank God for Youtube as there are literally tons of such references available there. All very beautiful,articulate, demands attention to detail and keen observation.
Cheers folks!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Slowly killing myself

Hi Everyone,

I'm typing this on auto-pilot right now. I'm not dead yet but I am slowly working my way to it at the rate I've been going this year. My lack of updates both here and in my other sites and blog attests to the very tight schedules I've been keeping lately.
Have been taking on more additional side jobs than I anticipated (several animation and comic projs) along with my new commitment to the new Animation Society here in Malaysia and between keeping in touch with my ex-students,continuing to help nurture their future into the industry and between screenings and sporadic lecture series...I've been putting my health on the line.
But thankfully I am enjoying the ride as I go along and taking things as they come and it also helps that it keeps me focus and acts as a platform for me to better myself as an artist and try to work at it as professionally as I can. Even though many a times it is taxing on me both mentally and physically, and definitely on an emotional level at some point. But I am learning and it's all good.
And also am very very thankful all of my clients have been a brick and more than understanding and supportive to me and my work. They've been very very patient and generous with me even though majority of the time my submissions fall short of the deadline requirements and I owe them a ton for not yelling and threatening me as I'd expected under any other circumstance as you'd expected bosses to react. Some even taking the initiative to wait or adjusting their schedules to work around mine. How many times can you say that about any client? For that I owe them. It's been remarkable and short of miraculous that none of them have plugged me yet.
My only regret is am not giving enough time and 200% of myself as I'd like to in fine tuning all of the works to the level as I'd like for it to be. And due to this, I suspect and know that perhaps I've let some of my clients down who did expect much more from me and my deliveries. My personal studies have been lax but the extra allowances did help to pay for new softwares and equipment in upgrading me home studio so am happy about that.Hope to be able to start on my own personal animation soon if and when I have completed my freelance projects. Zeke,if you're reading this, I haven't forgotten about our game colab. You too,Ian. Grant,I have the sketch I owe you ready. Just need one free day to clean up and color it.

Shoot! A bit of typing and it's morning already and almost time to get ready for work. I've a ton of material to update still.
Thanks for all the wonderful comments and support,folks.Think best bet is to check up on my status updates in Facebook as it's quicker for me to just add in a very quick status update rather than a droning journal entry anywhere else in my sites.
(FYI : this is a cut out entry from my DA journal. Sad pup indeed).

Cheers and hope everyone's been doing good and take cares,folks!
Thanks for dropping by and checking in on me from time to time. Appreciate all of your time and energy in even dropping me a line along the way.

Luv yas!