Monday, August 27, 2007

Kevin Eastman and Joe Pearson Talk at KL Hilton

But first, a couple of pics of the ComicWorld Convention that took place at the Cineleisure Mall earlier this month at Bandra Utama. Bleeehhhhh....:P Weirdos,geeks,addicts,junkies,...all turned out for this great excuse to mingle with fellow enthusiasts and just to have a really good time.

The guys manning their comic booth.
Hanie lost her hand there!
Joy! Aimo sketching in my sketchjournal. Booyah!

Another fun and memorable event where all the industry heads,professionals,old friends and colleagues gather together in one building to attend the much anticipated Kevin Eastman and Joe Pearson talk on their work and experiences in both the animation and comic industry.
Thoroughly enjoyed Kevin's humorous take on his life working on odd and ends before ending up giving birth to TMNT with his partner,Simon, and the endless inspiring works that followed suite after the comic came out. Various insights on Heavy Metal was also eye-opening. Now, another goal in life would be to get one of my artworks into one or so of those coveted pages. If only........
From left to right,..Grey,Edward,Joe,Me and Muid.
Joe doing a sketch for Grey.
I love this pic of Mr. Sang Young-Hwan from Sun Min Image Pictures enthusiastically posing for a photo with Joe. Both very down-to-earth individuals who are always open to ideas and doesn't put one down like the over-eagerly pleasing gob of smut one is.
Especially learnt a lot from Joe on his talk on working attitudes, how not to expect but to give everything your best cause by the end of each day, it's your works that makes out who you are and not what one claims oneself to be without any evidence to back up.
Certainly a very special day to have the pleasure of meeting these inspiring individuals and old friends and colleagues there.
Can't hardly wait for the next event.

In other news, got to celebrate my nephew,Adam's birthday a week earlier what with everyone's hectic schedule and difficulty of getting everyone at the same place at the same time.

Will be having another celebration tonight,officially Adam's birthday date. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY,NEPHEW!

And finally, a Rod Stewart music vid I grew up with as a kid eager for anything animated. Anything.

Also not forgetting this music clip of Paula with MC Skat Cat. Love the animation done here. Really inspired me when I saw it as a kid.

All of the photos are here,folks! Enjoy!
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From my Sketchbook pt 1

Simple animal designs which I love. Enjoy folks!

I love this monkey. Am actually pretty pleased with the results.

MDeC Animation and Comic Pitch 2007 Awards

Well, I've been away for sooo long I totally forgot about the Pitch awards happening this month. Good thing my colleagues were discussing about going there that very morning before the event started. Didn't take a bunch of horses to drag me there. I was on it like a bee towards a tentalising flower.
Could see a whole bunch of stellar works being ptiched on that day. But sadly, one of my favaroo animation pitches didn't win the awards. Boo! Here's a peek of the designs for that animation pitch I was talking about. Imaginatively Ivy by Passion Fruit Studios. Cute isn't it? I would so love to've seen them winning the grant and bringing that product to life.

Me taking a swipe at Hassan's picture in that book about the animation industry in Asia.
Steve Bristow,Vernon Fernandez and Hassan Muthalib.
Before the awards ceremony, a company profile and recruitment drive talk given by UBISOFT.

My Flickr page link to see the rest of the images :

Sheng Haw's demo reel

My pal Lim Sheng Haw have just completed his demo reel while completing his studies at Toronto. Here's a peek at it.

Monday, August 06, 2007

"My Studio" - Official Launch

I was invited by Jessie Lim to attend her art school's official opening in ss2 last month. What caught me was the amount of creativity and imaginative energy that vibrates from both the adults and kids as they show off their passion for the medium in each of their works. This is definitely a start of something really exciting. This chap down here specializes in teaching kids how to form clay characters and objects.
My favorite's gotta be the hippo.
And below is Jessie's sister teaching and looking after the kids during the paint session.

And finally, Jessie, as pleased and as proud as can be.

Congratulations on the big opening, Jessie and all! All the best and definitely hope to see more great things coming from your new school.