Monday, August 13, 2007

MDeC Animation and Comic Pitch 2007 Awards

Well, I've been away for sooo long I totally forgot about the Pitch awards happening this month. Good thing my colleagues were discussing about going there that very morning before the event started. Didn't take a bunch of horses to drag me there. I was on it like a bee towards a tentalising flower.
Could see a whole bunch of stellar works being ptiched on that day. But sadly, one of my favaroo animation pitches didn't win the awards. Boo! Here's a peek of the designs for that animation pitch I was talking about. Imaginatively Ivy by Passion Fruit Studios. Cute isn't it? I would so love to've seen them winning the grant and bringing that product to life.

Me taking a swipe at Hassan's picture in that book about the animation industry in Asia.
Steve Bristow,Vernon Fernandez and Hassan Muthalib.
Before the awards ceremony, a company profile and recruitment drive talk given by UBISOFT.

My Flickr page link to see the rest of the images :

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