Monday, June 23, 2008

Walt Disney's A Story of Dogs

The Lady and the Tramp,Oliver & Company,The Fox and the Hound,Sword in the Stone...all these wonderful Walt Disney cartoons helped to inspire me as a kid to want to draw for animation indefinitely. Thank you so much to 'Freedogshampoo' for sharing these memorable clips for everyone to enjoy. This chap seems to have single-handedly uploaded a treasure trove of Walt Disney goodies in his YouTube gallery here...

A quick ink and watercolor piece of Dog with Lil' Pee & Poo.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sylvain Marc clip & The Adventures of Claude and Chunkie

Another animation clip which I'm pretty sure you've all seen already but I wanted to add in here as one of the many inspiring animation clips I've found in YouTube. The ever brilliant Sylvain Marc's Fertilizer Soup.
And an idea I realized last year as part of my contribution to our MnU mini pocket book series. My story about an ever hungry wolf named Claude whose fervent endeavour to procure food led him to accidentally become the adopted father of an orphaned albino cougar cub in the forest.
Here are some preliminary artworks I've done before the final look.

The rough layouts....
....then watercolored....
....before photoshopping the inks,dialog,more colors and details in.

Hope you all like it.