Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The FEI World Cup

What a great opportunity to study such magnificent beasts close up. I must thank my twin,Debs, first for winning those 2 free tickets in order to see the show. Thanx Debra! These shots were taken last month on the 27th and BOY! was that really a great event. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire competition that night from start to finish eventho' I did feel like a riffraff among the majority of high profiles and even the horses up me a hundred notches being more valuable n all that. I did wanted to get more drawings in but was distracted from the fact that most of my time spent there in the front ,just behind the railings that seperate us from the main arena, was about studying and observing the movement and reacts of the horses with the riders. This sketch was done some time ago but I thought it'd be nice to it here.

Annddd,blogger is acting up again.I tried checking my java scripting n cookies but it didn't work.Has anyone else had the problem? Grrrrr, hate this! I can't seem to upload more pics in here,even if I upload them in a new post. >.< More pics to cmoe when this is solved folks!

Monday, May 29, 2006


Yes!Finally managed to get the photos from my recent trip to Penang(last month to be exact) with my mum uploaded in my Flickr site. Ain't the image above, beautiful? First things first when I hit Penang soil,apart from visitting the ol' folks first,is to sink my teeth into those delectable Char Koay Teows. Jennifer,if you're reading this,here's a quick link to the site.http://www.flickr.com/photos/81755819@N00/
Tho eating was mostly the order of the day thru'out the short trip, I did manage to get a lil sketching done.

Isn't she cute?
Whillleee I'm at it,I might as well update the rest of the stuff now....

Here's a sketch I did of Terry Thoren (CEP of Thoren Entertainment) when he came to visit for a talk on 'How to Successfully Develop Original Animation IP' last Thursday. It sure was a good one too,and my only wish was that there were more corporate Big Wigs present at the talk instead of it being 100% artists. Talks like that would really bridge the comprehensive gap between the corporate side and the creative side in animation. I also regretted not purchasing a digicam earlier so I can take some neat pics of the event....oh well.....I'll just have to wait till my colleague upload those photo into our studio's server.
Dash it...blogger seems to be acting up again...and I've been twarth from uploading more images. Next time then,folks!I better save this while the going gets good.Cheers!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Little Black Book

Welcome and have a lil peek inside my little black sketch book I carry around with me. I sketch whenever I can.
These animal sketches were done one day when our company had a talk held at the KLCC Aquaria. We were given the privilege of a full day's free pass,so I took advantage of it naturally. ^^ So far,the best nature exhibit I've been to or seen here in M'sia. Definitely worth a second trip next round.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Beard Papa Mania

Hahahaha,apparently I wasn't the only one in love with Beard Papa. How ironic to've seen Kazu's new blog update today.http://www.boltcity.com/ I fell in love with those delectable babies the moment I sinked my teeth into one of them not too long ago. And since then, I've made it a point not to leave The MidValley Mall without having at least one or 2 of those babies. MMMmmmmm....whoaaa,I can still taste it now. See? Even the little product stickers have the cute lil Beard Papa logo innit.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog updates

Sorry folks for the downtime here...am working on cleaning up my links properly and preparing more images to be uploaded here...so please wait for it yea?

Thanx for all the comments and support! ^^