Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog updates

Sorry folks for the downtime working on cleaning up my links properly and preparing more images to be uploaded please wait for it yea?

Thanx for all the comments and support! ^^


daly city steven said...

[patiently waiting]

i think i check your blog almost everyday.

hope you're well,
steven lim in
daly city, california usa

Pusha V said...

I still visit your blog:). Keep it up.

hteekay said...

oy, where's my link hah??!!

anyway check out my blog. Updated it liao..

Sandra Khoo said...

DC Steven : Hahaha,WOO! Really? I'm flattered. I'm fine thanx,Steve.Hope everything's fine on your side too. ;)ooo,I really gotta get my bum qround those blog surfing once again. XP

Pusha V : YAY! Thanx pal! ^^ *does a jig*

Hteekay : Got waattt. Haiyar! YAY Thanx! XD

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Hi Sandra, can you add my URL on your blog too?

Been checking on you every week. catch up soon.

Sandra Khoo said...

Sure thing,Christine!I'll get to it when I can. ;) Thanx for the regular patronage! XD