Friday, March 30, 2007

Outstanding Animation at the Tokyo International Anime Festival 2007

These are the few animated titles that have caught my attention during my visits to the Tokyo Animation Festival this year. And all of them outstanding in their own right. I will continue to edit this entry and I go along with more info and images to add in. To those of you who haven't heard of these yet, I urge you to find out about it and watch it.
N.Y. Salad

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Wake of Spring

Le Roi et L'Oiseau



I love this. Everything about it. The style,the storytelling,the designs,the colors...all rendered beautifully in this animated feature. YouTube currently has the entire feature in it's site.

And something totally unrelated,but I've bumped into unexpectedly and wanted to share with everyone.

De-Ann Buckley "Les Feuilles Morte' )by Jacques Prévert

Pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau

Enjoy folks and more to come! :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007


WOO! Am back folks! Am pumped and ready to get back to work. The trip has truly been very inpiring and humbling at the same time. If I can sum up one thing about that the people are truly beautiful in every way. Absolutely took my breath away. The people,the places,...everything!

I will go through my trip here in series with photos included as well as posting in my sketch journal of the entire trip I've done throughout my stay there. Also, to all you local Malaysians out there, do pick up a copy of the Utusan Malaysia from your newstand. Front page,baby!!! WOOHOO!
Be right back,folks! Wait for it! ;)

Pic of yesterday's farewell party for Jenn Yu (standing 3rd from left) who's been our background and concept artist on the Saladin project. We will miss you very much,Jenn Yu!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sir David Attenborough,doodles and Tokyo

To Sir David Attenborough and the BBC crew...thank you so much for being such a big part of my life and for teaching me the important values and facts of life on Earth.

Bit of my contribution to last year's MnU book and a quick girl sketch doodle in photoshop CS2.Will also be away for a week in Tokyo for the Tokyo International Anime Festival 2007. Will definitely be back with more stuff to show here. Take cares everyone and have a great week ahead! ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A combination of Art and Music for one Night.

Fantastic! The vibrant works of Mr. Latiff Mohidin's paintings conbines with well-known Austrian pianist, Mr.Ratko Delorko, made for one unforgettable evening at the KLCC Petronas Art Gallery Exhibition. Below - my take of the evening. Mr. Delorko's music was so inspiring that night, that it got my mind filled with various beautiful images and scenes resonating from each piece as he played.

A Monsieur Didier Carriere requested for a drawing of himself by me in my sketchbook.

Mr.Delorko amusingly educates the audience with various musical notes from the piano as well as indirectly requesting all guest to have their handphones switched off.

My nephew,Adam,the budding artist.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

Indian Superman and Spiderwoman

O.O My entire vision of Superman and Spiderwoman will never be the same again. Watch if you dare. But I caution you...while watching this you'll either experience uncontrollable laughing spasms till your internal guts cave in and explode all over...or you'll just choke to death with whatever you're eating.

Enjoy folks! And thanx to Iman and Zeke for giving me these links.

Monday, March 05, 2007

More on Michael and 'The Job'

Another reason why I love Michael Caine. Anyone who appreciates David Attenborough and his works is tops in my books. "Well said,Mr. Caine. Well said".

Morning brekkie before the design crunch for the rest of the day. Have a nice time at work everyone. Cause if you're not enjoying what you're doing now, then what on earth are you doing there in the first place. Yea, it's a job and it brings in the income, but working on a job with passion is a whole different dimension in itself. The work you produce will reflect on you as an individual,including the company or studio that hired you. Eventually, it's all about you being happy in what you do and with no regrets about it by the end of the day.

Cheers everyone!

Tootsie Roll "Mr.Owl" Commercial

Friday, March 02, 2007

Back from the hols and back to work

Well, it has been a very pleasant week last week. Given a few days to work on my own personal projects as well as finally having the time to clean up my study area at home. It looks wonderful now without all the clutter and rubbish about the palce. But I know deep within me that the cleanliness won't last for very much longer.
Anyways, I took a few days off from work as well to head up north to Penang to visit the my relatives there. My aunt and cousin from the UK are also having their holiday there so it's a very ideallic moment to have a big reunion there n then. What I enjoyed most about these road trips is that you get to see some spectecualr scenery along the way once you hit the mountain range. These shots were taken while I was still in the car,windows down and me sticking my hand out to shoot those images. So happy that some turned out well.

A gem find. The Chowrasta Bazaar near Komtar still retains some of their old book stalls there. Check out the variety of books there. Tho' honestly I still prefer the old bookstores in KL, but for this place, if you look hard enough, you might find a few really good books cluttered around here and there,and if you haggle enough, you can actually get the book for dirt cheap. I bought about 6 books there and almost all of them came up to about RM2 each.
My rendition of my grandunc,Chek Kong,during one morning at the breakfast table. That's him there getting aquainted with his great grandson,Adam, on our first day there.

Well, the following week and back to work. But it wasn't at all dull. On the contrary,it feels so good to be back on the routine and getting more work done. One fine suprise came from Lee-Ling, my director's daughter, again when she made her father run the usual art trade errand and gave me 2 lovely artworks with a gift attached to it. That's it on my desk.

That's supposedly inspired from the same panel cartoon I did for her previously.
First panel : She's having a squabble with her younger sister when her dad,Steve,appeared.
Second panel : Steve (she can't draw guys so he appears as a lady on the left hand side) hands her the drawing I did for her.
Third panel : She loves it.

I love this piece she did below. I had to count the four leaf clovers in the artwork before I'm allowed to open the gift attached at the back of it in a sealed brown envelope.

This is it. A colorful notepad I can hang. Here's where it ended up.

Thank you so much,Lee-Ling! :)

Muid's Birthday Bash Last Saturday at Galleriizu at Wisma UOA,Near KLCC

Love the funkiness of the entire setting and it was so cool to be able to view all of those wonderful artworks and get inspired while enjoying the party and mingling.
This is my favourite piece among the others. Would love to be able to have my own exhibition one fine day.

That's the birthday boy,Muid, entertaining his guest with a dance number midway during the party. Missed it? Here's a vid clip of it in YouTube :P

And more images of the party here in his site -

Cheers everyone!