Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More from my sketchjournal

Can't really remember if I've posted any of these in my blog or not and am too lazy to move my hand to click on my previous posts to check. So please forgive this lazy butt of a person here,folks.
I love this Chinese Flower doodle I did using my new brush pen at the time. The effects is amazing!
Doing some manga trials too. Will upload some more onnit.

I've been really busy with work and freelance jobs for the past few months, plus with the house move so I haven't really the time to kick back n sketch as much as I'd like to. *sniffles* But I'll try to post more works here to share with y'all when I can.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meeting with the Duke - Nov 29th '07

Old but I didn't realise I've forgotten to upload this till today. Meeting with Duke Mighten and Leon Tan over a lovely dinner at Chillies one fine evening. Advice...always good to have your sketchbook handy not only to scribble down ideas and inspirations but it's also a good ice-breaker cum portfolio and you get to have fantastic talents like the Duke doodling inside a collection for you.
Thank you so much,Duke!

Admiring circle...some of the MnU team checking out Duke's portfolio with Leon looking on.
Left to right : Ed,Ayon,Jase,Hoos,Duke,Leon and Gray.
WooHOO! And Duke's site at

Cheers all!