Thursday, September 29, 2005

Let's talk about payments >.<...

Oooo....have been hit by a slacking period in my sketch department. Since my last upload,my productivity is basically centred on 2 things: One, drawing works for my company's projects (all P n C so makes it all the more unbearable not being able to upload any of the drawings till long after)....Two, focusing on producing my group's book,comics and posters for the upcoming Comic Fiesta here in KL (also P n C till looonnggg after the event is over *doh!*) . Can't upload anything! *sob sob* So anyways, I scrambled thru' my old stuff again and found something to put into my blog, and also took time out during lunch hour to sketch something up to add along with it. *sigh* Well,here it is folks!

Recently I had one student from an art school (which I will not disclose), asked me a question about his/her fears of getting involved in projects that does not clarify the matter of payments due to the artist once he/she is done with the project. Being a student, he/she was adviced not to be so money-minded from the beginning when given the opportunity to work on any project,therefore was told that it is not wise to bring up the subject of payments before venturing into the project. Well, I say it doesn't hurt to enquire at the very start just to know where you stand. I've had many bitter experiences of being diddled by so-called clients locally or abroad that takes this sort of matter really lightly. Don't be naive enough to presume that the client will get back to you on payments if you don't bring up the matter,worse yet, never mention about payments at all at the very start during the discussions. Always agree on the fixed amount of due payments with your client before venturing into any project. Otherwise you'll end up working long hours till morning on a project that you thought your client will be grateful for,and will definitely promptly pay you when the deed is done. Extremely rare here,especially in Malaysia. Hard to find an honest pay master who's only aim is to cut expenses as much as possible. Yea yea, I'mma crabby ol' Grump (bear in mind it's you perpetrators who've made me turned to the dark side. You know who you are.) Anyways in this case, if you're a student, getting involved in various projects really helps to boost your background knowledge,giving you good working exposure etc. though the pay may be low at first. If payment is not in the cards,then at least you know from the beginning when you're enquiring and agreed to do it nontheless. Better than waiting till the end of the project and get slapped in the face,right? >.O

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good ol' British comics

*sigh* Those were the good ol' big brother and sister would reminise of their childhood days when they'ds wake up bright and early each morning to catch the morning paper which would contain the daily Beano or Dandy comic strips in a seperate copy by itself in small thin booklet forms. They'd both fight over who gets to read it first...then down the line I would appreciate their efforts in saving every scrap of those comics so I could enjoy them when I finally learnt to read and write. Dandy,Beano,Beezer, name it...I love 'em all!
Sadly I dunno any place that sells reprints of them around here, if anyone can help me locate those ol' goodies I'd really appreciate it.

Also what got me to start up this topic is because I've always been curious as to who are the real talents behind these comics as there's hardly been any mention of them except that they do make appearances now and then in the comics themselves. Does anyone have any feedback or information at all with regards to this? *.* Man, I think these guys have eluded recognition far enough and deserve the proper credits they deserve. No one produces comics like they do anymore, so this is my contribution to them, to thank them for bringing hours of giggles and smiles to my childhood days.

Friday, September 09, 2005

More stuff...

Figured I better upload a little more in case I'm not able to have time to update next week. Cheers everyone and take cares!

Unifinished works...

I was browsing through my sketchbook today and found many of my unfinished sketched tucked neatly between the pages. Imagine each of these uploads as pieces of A4 size papers where ideas generate but all too sudden,fizzled out just because the mood to continue just wasn't there. >.< But thankfully I never threw any of the progress work away in hopes that someday I can go back to them to continue from where I started. Unfurtunately that hasn't happened yet, so I figured they're not gonna be any use staying in that stagnent state of affair,so I've decided to upload them here. Hope you all enjoy having a peek at my work in progress, coz I'm kinda sad at lookin' at their unfinished state.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Old Stuff....

I'm so ashamed I didn't really get to draw anything new to add to this blog,so I'll just be posting some old stuff till some good new ones come 'round....
Jerry and Amid's Cartoon Brew has been a tremendous help in keeping me up to date with the latest in the animation world and most of all,providing all those valuable links to great works and artists I never thought possible. Especially now with their new entry on the blogging boom among animators now,WOO! I'm so thankful that such great artists/animators are willing to share their wealth of knowledge,expertise and artworks to small timers such as myself to view and gain. Man, I'm so fired up and inspired by each individuals contribution that I hope to strive more and more in order that one day I can meet their level of passion,prefessionalism and skills.

Thank you so much,everyone!