Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Comic mode

Been drawing a lot of superhero stuff in my sketchbook recently so thought I had better update my blog with some of it. Sure had a lot of fun drawing them out and it helped a lot in my anatomy studies. The sketches above were just some weird idea I had late one night at home and just had to scribble it down into my sketchbook before I forget about it. Spur of the moment,folks.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Saladin coloring competition

What happened last Sunday at 1 Utama. It was a very fun very different type of environment. Getting to be around young budding artists the whole afternoon is indeed rewarding. Got to see and meet with some of the very young up n coming artists here. There are really some talented kids out there! And am glad to see that their parents are there to support them all the way through. I had the privilege of judging the competition with my colleagues and got to be the one who hands out the prizes to about 2 dozen promising kids out there. While the competition was going on, me and my colleague sat at a nearby booth and churned out Saladin artworks for the parents to see while they wait for their kids to finish their artpieces.
Below are a few Saladin sketchbooks made specially for colleagues' kids.

My Twin's finally one of the gang now

One of the more well-known pieces my twin worked on.

My twin has finally started a blog. Please do drop in and give her a warm welcome,folks! :) She's working as a visual effects artist right now.