Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Comic mode

Been drawing a lot of superhero stuff in my sketchbook recently so thought I had better update my blog with some of it. Sure had a lot of fun drawing them out and it helped a lot in my anatomy studies. The sketches above were just some weird idea I had late one night at home and just had to scribble it down into my sketchbook before I forget about it. Spur of the moment,folks.


C.G. Leow said...

Wow-weee!! Can't wait to see the actual comics! Great gestures in these drawings by the way. You make it seem so easy!

Keath007 said...

Fabulous stuff! You did a great job capturing the characters - the poses and action is superb!

angeleyes said...

You'll like this:

He worked with Frank Miller's Batman (Dark Horse) and lives to draw! He's also helpful in the forums: gives great tips, even to noobies like me!

El Snoozo said...

Those sketches are awesome, the Joker has a really great look.

Get that submission potfolio for DC ready!...I mean I would for sure dole out the bucks on a book you would draw.

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! Sandra, so many awesome drawings and photos since my last visit!! I almost miss out on all your goodies!! U ROCK girl!

azhar said...

Hi Sandra!

your work/sketches are fabouliciously fantastically good..
..definetly goona buy yer comic/artbook..

please teach me how t draw like you..
.. please comment my work here:

Sandra Khoo said...

CG - There ain't gonna be an actua lcomic actually. Unless there's a demand for it. :P Got it from working among such great artists...ahem!

Keath - Thank you very much,Keath! Glad you like it! Makes my day when I hit it right and those who've seen it took the time to say so.

Angeleyes - Hey,thanx very much for the header,angel! I'll head on there.

snoozo - Woohhoo! Thanx very much for the ego boost there,sleepyhead! That would be a dream realised if it ever happens.

Al - I'm missing out on all of your great stuff,Al! Aiiii, wishing I could do more multi-tasknig than I am right now to keep up with the world around me. Keep on rawking us with your inspiring self,Al. You sure do inspire me with your regular updates.

Azhar - Heyas Az! THanx very much for the booster! Hopefully someday be able to have a proper comic out...one fine day. I'll drop on by your hood too. Cheers and thanks so much for the support and encouragement! ;)