Wednesday, April 29, 2015


 WOO! I've finally completed my contribution to my best pal,Erin's Art-Imation project he's got going. If you don't know what's it about,it's basically an animation shot comprising of a worldwide talent pool contributing 1 frame per person according to their own style and assigned sheet. Please take a look at the short clips Erin's been putting together :

 I was tossing a couple of ideas of what to draw on frame #156 I've been assigned from Erin. And man,he's never failed to give me a sweet deal,or in this case,a sweet sheet to work on. In the end,I've decided to go with one of my WIP characters for my graphic novel 'The Sojouner'. His name is Boo. I did one completed ink sheet and also added a colored version for Erin to choose.
Do take a look at everyone's contribution in the Art-Imation page so far...
Once everyone's dropped in their contributed cel frame,you'd probably get to see something snazzy. Here's a pre-taste of goodies to come...

Hope you folks like it and thanks very much to my dear friend,Erin,for giving me the chance to participate in this fun project. Man,it's been years since I've touched 2D animation. THIS was a wonderful trip back memory lane and once back,I gotta get back on the horse!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


 2 weekends ago, we've conducted our art lessons at the Publika shopping mall because my students,Cait and Sam, were volunteering to help man a booth for the local Bird Watchers Society. Am pleased as punch that they'd still insist to continue on with their practice and studies in spite of their busy schedule that day. Oversee'd their drawings on Macaws,Giraffes and if am not mistaken,Foxes that day.
 They even showed me their  art contribution to the booth. I couldn't have been more proud of how far they've come after months of practice.

 In other news,am so thankful that things are finally falling into place at the new studio after shifting to the new place early last week. We've had our internet and security up and running,and work updates and communication is finally gearing up for a smooth run now. And it couldn't have come in a better time. I seriously needed to get back on top gear at work in spite of juggling my French and Art studies this year in earnest. My friends have been a tremendous help in keeping me well grounded to reality and providing me with a decent social life in order to retain my sanity and whatever remains of my communication skills.
Here's a sneak peek into what lil artworks I've been up to for my pals. This one being for my bestie Naim's rpg gaming characters. I'm pretty pleased with the progressive results churned out.
Came across this image after having a satisfying lunch at Boat Noodle after an audio recording session. Yes! I will certainly give Frank a call!
And can't be helped,the goodies dished out at the Empire branch is too good to ignore and I needed my Pain Au Chocolat fix. To Tous Les Jours it is! Hands off ...I will guard this with my life, RrrRRrrRrrr....
And can't thank my buds enough for treating me to a swell holiday escape to Cherating,Kuantan. In spite of witnessing the horrible occurence happening there on my journey to Cherating...the setting up and very functioning didn't dampen my spirits from enjoying the "Back to Nature" experience with my best buds,Ksoosh and Mick.
We've made good friends with a German couple in that short span of time, Robert and Hilde. That's us wrapping up their trip before heading off to their next destination over a cuppa coffee and some rounds of Old Maid.
To the beach!

Where we crashed at .Maznah's Guest House. That's my chalet front and center for only RM 30 a night. Rough but cosy enough.
The best meal throughout the trip at "Don't Tell Mama".
We enjoy our rounds of Chthulhu all the time.
And made firm friends with Graham and Sue from UK during the trip. Met them during the Firefly River Tour last night. This be our usual haunt for brekkie. Apparently they make dang good Rotis here. I didn't try it cos I've always opted for my omelettes.
The Mangrove River Cruise Tour. Love it! Wish we could keep our river systems pristine all the time.

We had to leave our mark on the beach.
That's all folks!!!