Saturday, June 15, 2013

Production Starts NOW!!!!

Well today has been another hectic day of endless meetings which are necessary to get the right direction and decisions nailed down. But unfortunately that ate into my proper work schedule and by the time our meetings and briefings to the animation team is complete, I could barely get a decent amount of work done at 5'ish p.m. And there's just so much work to be completed by Monday and Tuesday. Boards to complete for one ep for our writer, prep notes and boards in job sheets for our animation team, find breathing space to work on completing my model sheets for the art department for the entire season, check on dialogs for audio recording for 2 eps and go through locking down 2 eps script with our director. I hope I can actually squeeze in some exercise time next week. I hate the feel of flab and want my old body back. All this sitting down is so not good for my posture and overall health. On the bright side, this morning our director announced to me that he's going to assign to me 1 episode to finally sit in the director's chair and solely oversee the entire production of one full ep as part of my training. I've got my work cut out for me. Let's hope all goes well and runs smoothly for the official start of the production of our tv series.

And here's what I wrote for my update for yesterday : 

I love my life. Had a very good productive day today at work,going through scns and audio re-recordings, drafting out rough boards and scripts in between a fun meal of one of the best Pan Mein I've ever had in a long long time with my colleagues at Dengkil. Now am finally back home after a long day and sitting down to my late dinner of salmon garnished with crispy fried garlic cloves, home-made salad with greek yoghurt and some leftovers and going through my usual routines and catching up with my best friend before bedtime. Oh yea,another successful breakfast recipe for the studio today as well (potato,green beans & carrot salad garnished with seaweed and home-made dressing) Life is good!

In other news....

My pal Ayie Ibrahim is looking for talents to fill in these big shoes. Do please help to spread the word around and give him a buzz if you're keen on it.  

CREATVTOON STUDIO will start on full production 26 episodes animated series for international market. We are looking for; 
1) 2D SENIOR ANIMATORs & JUNIOR ANIMATORs (flash/ToonBoom- 10 persons)
2) STORYBOARD ARTISTs ( freelance 2- persons )
3) DIGITAL BACKGROUND PAINTERs (photoshop/flash- 2 persons)
4) SENIOR LAYOUT ARTIST ( 1 person )
5) COORDINATOR / ADMIN ( 1 person )
7) COMPOSITOR cum EDITOR ( 1 person )
8) MUSIC/ SFX COMPOSER ( 1 person )

If interested, please submit your resume to


So sorry for the earlier typos,guys. For all of you who tried to contact my friend's studio. It's actually spelled cre8tvtoons. He sincerely apologises for the misunderstanding.