Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alfie and The Prometheus Dream

Alfie & The Prometheus Dream from milx on Vimeo.

WOW WOW! Awesome news! The lil stop mo short I helped my friend out one night has finally been launched! Great job to Milx and Rini and to all involved! *highfive*
And now's some eye candy I've been saving for the longest time! Hope you enjoy a sneak behind the scenes.

Hope you like it ,folks!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

So many surprises!!!

 Woo!!! Am so happy to finally be able to post a full episode of Boing The Play Ranger in here!
Can you spot my name in the credit list? If you can read Hangul/Korean language text,that is.
WOO! And not just one surprise... I am so so very delighted to finally be able to catch some episodes from the 3D animated series called Patch Pillows!!! Finally! It's been out for over a year now,and I haven't checked it out yet till now! Have worked as a freelance storyboard artist for Agogo Entertainment in Hong Kong for a short stint soon after completing my work for Saladin The Animated Series. Here are some episodes found in Youtube. Not my eps,but still, really grand to see how the production went. It's looking spiffy!
 And wouldn't you know it? I came across an old friend! Some kind soul have taken the time to hook up quite a few of the episodes into one long show!Hope you folks will dig it. Good times,good times!
This is definitely the start to a really good weekend! Huzzah!!!