Thursday, November 25, 2010

Babies all grown up!

Thanks to Aida Khalid for wanting to snap a photo of me with my babies,all grown up and making their way out there.
More shameless pluggin' and info about the project :
copyright of MDEC & JCC.

The many promotional posters prior to it's official launch in the Middle East.
copyright of MDEC & JCC.
I didn't take these pics. I grabbed it from the 'Meet Saladin' site in FB.
Just too awesome to finally see your characters come to life and also in the form of cos-players.

Love the pic of Darwish duking it with Duncan,only a vague view of his blonde fringe in the photo.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My sleeping arrangements

....with my fatty kitty,Kameko. Mmeeoowwrr! She tore up the head rest to my work chair too but I don't mind so much cos that's where she perches herself to rest while keeping an eye on me and my work.

Saladin Launched with a brand new life & career

Yes! The animated tv series I've been working on for the past couple o' years,well I've been attached to since college and investing a good deal of my career into finally here and will see its first launch locally on our local tv broadcast station RTM tonight at 7.30pm. Heard it will be screened twice a week for both Saturday night (7:30pm) and Sunday morning (re-run 9:30am) respectively.

Officially,it's already been launched earlier during Sept throughout the Middle East via Al-Jazeera Children's Channel and heard it's made a grand impact on the audiences there.

Am so relieved and happy that it's finally making its way to our local audiences here starting with the local tv station broadcast and hopefully will branch out more internationally, but I won't jinx things by counting the chickens before they're hatched. Hopefully,Saladin will make its way to your tv screens or even via online come next year.

For now while that's in the works, everyone can finally enjoy all the special previews and tit-bits here at our official website :

While my babies are finally making their way into the world on their own thanks to the huge support from everyone involved...I am now settling into a new career as Games Designer for 2D Flash casual games online and I'm loving every moment of it so far. Love the new challenges and learning experiences it brings each day. A huge change from being an Animation Character Designer but I'm all for learning new things and looking forward to it. Its been a breath of fresh air and a nice beginning step into to world of gaming.

I won't be forsaking my own baby pet projects for comics and animation like Claude & Chunkie,Flight Captain Hurricane and so forth, just that with these new challenges and more hard work required each day, I will have less and less time to work on them. Ugh,can also easily feel my age catching up to me cos am not able to work through nights and spring back ready for the day's work anymore. Now I feel I need my proper sleep hours in order to be able to perform work the next day. Gonna need to schedule and pace myself properly again with discipline. :P

Something I've been sorely lacking.

Finally, a BIG shout out to anyone who is interested,the company I now work for at BigWig Media ( is seriously on the lookout to hire more 2D Flash animators. So if anyone out there would like a crack at it,pls do forward your resume' and portfolio to my producer, Mr. Faraz Ansari at

And thanks to Luka Kuncevic,our composer and sound designer on the project for uploading this for everyone in YouTube :)

Snapshots thanks to my good friend,Chan Ghee, who came along with me to attend the Saladin Appreciation Screening on the 12th this month. With Cholpon Abilova (JCC line producer), our talented scriptwriter,voice actor AND director, Choong Chi-Ren and my twinnie,Debs, who thankfully,managed to make it on time for the mingling session after the screening in spite of the last minute updates.
Thanks to our generous hosts from MDeC and JCC for arranging the momentous ocassion where all the talents involved in the project,get to savor the first screening of our hard work on screen at the theater. We very nearly packed the entire cinema had everyone managed to attend that day. And it was so great to finally see all of the voice talents up on stage introducing themselves and pairing up with the mo-cap actors, all whom we very rarely get to meet as production is all done at various different locations at the same time.

Imma ghost in the background and am toying with the idea of tinkering with this image. We'll see if I have the time to do so. :P

Thank you all so much for your kindness and great friendship and support all this time here and sorry I've hardly been posting anymore new artworks seeing as I'm earning a living working for studios and clients which am not at liberty to share the artworks as freely as I'd like due to P&C till their release.

Cheers folks and all the best in everything you do!