Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today at the studio....

Wanted to kick start today by introducing to my fellow team mates Orson Welle's War of the Worlds live radio broadcast back in 1938.

75 years ago,today, Orson Welles broadcast live on radio a series of Alien Invasion coverage that to many of his listeners,seemed so startlingly real, it brought about widespread panic and fear. Let's re-live that special moment in history today and was prob one of the vehicles that propelled the sci-fi movement & intrigue into a branch culture long after HG Wells did.
"We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin"
Wallie dropped me another nice surprise package today. Another issue of P@per # 23 vol 1 with my lil strip contributed innit. WOO! Today is a gonna be a long but good day!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Animation Job Openings in Cyberjaya,M'sia

Yes,that's correct folks! Giggle Garage here has new job openings for 3D animators (senior & junior positions) and we're also welcoming applicants for modelling,texture artists and 2D artists as well! Please feel free to give us a holler or help to spread the word if you can!
Here's the job link here :

and our company website :

Cheers folks!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


A quick round up of whats been happening towards the end of last month of my schedule....
A sad farewell to our colleague,Bee Yen, fellow animator who sat beside my workstation. We all wanted to make sure she's loved and is always welcome back if she decides to.
Attended a story Workshop by Clare Madsen from Australia hosted by Ideate Media in Technology Park in Bukit Jalil. It was great fun and very enlightening. Gave me a good inside to how a writer works and how to go about it and what to expect. I'll certain want up my end when producing my own paterial for personal projects after this.
In other news,have completed our Puppeteer Training classes last week with Brian Zimmerman and friends at his new studio, Lil Critter Worshop at Damansara Perdana. It's definitely been the funnest class I've ever participated in so far and the laughter hasn't stopped since. es,it's definitely serious business to pratice and get the artform right,but once you've nailed it, you can expect a non-stop humorous and fulfilling career into this venture. Here's a sneak peek at what we've been up to....

This has got to be the hardest test we had to to yet. 4 minutes non-stop lip sync and body gestures to the tune of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.

Another fun exercise we did in pairs. One puppeteer in charge of the character's lip sync and handling the Alphabet while the assistant helps to wrangle the hands of the character.

 There's Brian with wrangler Debs helping him with the lip syncing skit.
 My puppet. I calls him Bob. :D
 Adrian's Stevie Wonder puppet having a go onstage.
 Brian showing us how heavy Zorg is.
 Mr Hootie and his friends.
 The stage set up.
Debs & Steven working out their skit with the puppets of their choice.
Adrian and his friend in shades.
 Thanks to fellow twinning for the awesome shots and capturing the great fun we've had during our first night of the Puppeteering class. We're now looking into getting a puppet of our very own to practice with.
Need to up my game in voice acting and acting in general like these chaps to be able to lip sync my characters well.

Elsewhere...been inspired by all of these awesome artists listed online in this feed here :
Made me want to get back in the groove and up my game further and further.

My now fellow Summoner friend,Eric Tan, shared this awesome new music vid clip of the latest character created for our League of Legends Online game. She definitely reminds me of an edgier Harley Quinn and definitely an overall likable character. Check out the awesome clip,mixing 3D and 2D elements in a very catchy music beat and lyrics below. LoL has definitely come very far from their humble beginnings.

Have recently checked out the trailer for Disney's Frozen ...

And have to confess,it's not really grabbing me as much as I'd like. Most probably because have been pretty put off by the style of the fake/shallow Disney Child-star chatter that doesn't really suit the time period and area the theme is covering. I appreciated that Belle didn't talk like that for Beauty and the Beast. Ariel had a bit of that teenage whine,but it was forgivable because she was so well drawn and animated in 2D,it worked. But I'll hope for the best and give it a shot before passing on further comments. Maybe it'll blow me away like Tangle and How to Train Your Dragon did. Astrid was the only character that put me off in How to Train your Dragon,but thankfully I think the producers/directors noticed that and toned down her character a lot to make her more likable now.
Here's something else that's been making waves online. A behind the scenes look at the making of Kon-Tiki last year. Am very happy to see grand works flourishing elsewhere around the world when other notable biggies have been struggling hard or is shut down due to bad management, budget cuts and so forth.

Another innovative take at the Horror movie fest I'm keen to participate in. Now there's one exception to acceptance of handphone usages in a movie screening. Brilliant!

I'll round up today's post with a link to an inspiring look into a troubled individual's artwork portfolio. No training. He just did it for his personal pleasure. And man is it looking spiffy!
Have a wonderful creative week ahead,folks. And enjoy the upcoming horror fests this month! Woo!