Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CG Overdrive pics uploaded...FINALLY!

Alritey then! All of the photos have finally been uploaded in my Flickr site here...
I plan to upgrade my account by next month so hopefully all the files will be assigned to their own proper folders by then. Till then, do enjoy perusing thru what's available in the site.

1)An absolutely must visit to the IFS Studio in Singapore.

2)Me and Ray Toh from IFS having fun with a combo demo at the IFS booth during the start of the CG Overdrive event.

3) With the IFS crew. Thanks for the warm hospitality guys! We'll def drop by for another visit again.

4) Michel and Remy acting all macho in front of the camera.

5)Everyone at the Animation Guild.

6) Stanley doing his thang.

7) What's a CG event without a couple of storm troopers about. Iman and Mel were rebelling against the Empire/upsetting the Lucasfilm booth,perhaps?

8) Me with Ali. Congrats on winning the award,Al!

9)JJ was just swamped with adoring fans.

10) With John Chalfant.

11) A big smile goes a long way. And Kyle does it well. Thanx Remy for taking this fantastic shot of Kyle Balda for me.

12) Paul Hormis,moi and Dave King. Woo!

13) The event always ends with a proper group pic. Lovely!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thank you very much,Michel!!!

My little gift to Michel.

Got to see Michel Gagne in action in the recent CG Overdrive in Singapore. So awesome! Thank you so very much for the book and sketch,Michel! This is a clp of Michel signing and sketching in some of his books for Edmund.

Apologies for the lousy documentation footages,folks! My bad. Enjoy! Will update more on the Singapore trip when I can. Have just completed to big house shift and am now trying to settle down in the new place as well as making up for loss time and work during this hectic period.


Have a great week ahead,folks!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Walt Disney's Water Babies

Thanks to YouTube, I can finally see this classic for the first time ever.