Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MnU Deadlines and Komikon 2007

Ok,we're nearing the end of our production time line for our latest 5th installment of the MnU artbook compilation edition. And between juggling that and working on other freelance works,giving private tutorial sessions and keeping my day job going...my eyes have just about had it. Not so much on the jobs,but the huge emotional stress my body had to go through throughout this entire month. It's amazing how things just run by itself when you've no other choice but to work on a more mechanical(zombie-like)-mode than you're actually used to. Just thank God my loved
ones are making out like champions when it comes to helping out with the impending big house move happening very soon. Right now,we're living in a rented semi-d just 2 doors down from my sis and her family's place. Here's some shot of my works and the make-shift workstation I had to work on while in semi-limbo.

Computer boxes stacked up enough to make a good drawing n typing table...books stacked on top of each other on the side for my viewing references...the cpu acting as an extended table for my other books. What you don't see is that the workstation is placed right in front of my bed and all 'round me are stacks of more books,cds/dvds and odds n ends to keep me preoccupied enough on the job.

All that and I still find time to drop in at Cineleisure during a weekend to show some morale support for my pals participating the 24 hour comic event held there.

Thats Aimo and Hanie having a grand time at their parking lot.

Eisu is just way too psyched and revving to go.

Iman is taking it easy with his comic.

Our one and only rep from the MnU team is our teammate's lil bro, Hakim, participating for the first time in such an event. Looks like he's having a good time too!

A clear view of our pal,Bokson,too preoccupied to look at the cam. Oh well...

Cheers folks!

Thursday, October 18, 2007