Saturday, October 20, 2012

24 hours to go & I Remember You

A project I'm backing and so eagerly awaiting it's completion! And there's only 24 more hours to go before this gem is taken off the shelves into full scale production! If you're a huge fan of Doug TenNaple's work,this is one book you'll definitely want to add to your collection and a once in a lifetime opportunity! Please help to spread the word to make this one really awesome project for Doug ever! :D

And something I bumped into while in YouTube...apparently the original AT demo by Rebecca Sugar with the descriptions provided below.

"The Ice King and Marceline are nearly the same age. Marceline is a vampire, and The Ice King—formerly Simon Petrikov—wears a magic crown that has extended his life but has driven him mad. In "I Remember You" we see that the two have had a relationship in the past, even if the bumbling Ice King no longer remembers, further enriching his tragic story.

During her stint at AT, Rebecca has always championed episodes that extend the "canon" of Adventure Time, creating deeper interrelationships among the characters, and striking emotional chords that resonate with fans beyond any usual cartoon show. She has definite opinions about Marcy's back story too: who is her mother and why she and Simon know each other. But if they ever become part of the AT story, it will have to be someone else on the staff who carries the torch.

The Omnichord that Rebecca played in the demo actually made its way into the cartoon, and you can see Marceline playing it—it's Rebecca performing on the instrumental track. The art here, with the exception of the title card art are drawings by Rebecca."

I seriously dig passionate writers and creators who look far deeper into the story and backgrounds of each characters,which I hope I can one day achieve with my own personal projects. And maaannn,Rebecca is one waayyyy talented cookie! Check it out!
And the same person I'm beginning to discover in DA! Excellent! She goes by the callsign Animatrix. :D
And credits to her steller portfolio just gets better and better!

Enjoy her sites folks! While I go through some random old lady episode right about now.

At least I have something new to update ,yea? So that I won't feel so left out and unproductive when compared to my younger counterparts.

Thanks to Bob for sharing this awesome new epi with me. So touching and heart warming...I love it to the core I just had to add it to a page in one of my latest sketches. Been meaning to update my sites more regularly,but having nothing personal to share in terms of art, I didn't want to just rant hot air in here or just update on current faves and such. So here's to hoping I can get back to my drawing and personal projects groove.

Ok, this sketch page is filled with different faces of actual folks I've come across in my food channels and have been sketch studying them,hehehe. The wolf is from an image I saw from my friend's FB share...and lastly,well no prize in guessing which cartoon I've been watching today.

I remember you...:)

 Oh,and in other news...the books that I've ordered from Amazon from Focal Press's prize voucher has arrived safe and sound. And my kitty cat couldn't keep it's paws off of it. :D

Until next post..."Meow" = Cheers folks! :D