Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hi hi, here's what's been happening to me lately. Been crazy busy trying to wrap up production on a series at work whilst at the same time been assigned to churn out dev art for another title I've been pitching. So aside from being swamped with work,have also been trying to make good my promises to visit and spend time with friends and family. Which brings to the reason for 2 upcoming trips this month. One happening this Wednesday. Going up north to Penang Island for a couple of days to hand out with my relatives and friends before getting back to a bit of work,...trying to feverishly wrap up what I can before my big blow out holiday with my pals, Mickey and Ksoosh,to their hometown in Omsk,Russia. Have been promising Ksoosh's parents I'd visit one day. So yea,am making good my promises.
In other news, the animator voice in me has been begging to come out. So I must obey. Just a desperate attempt to animate,even thought I only have photoshop to use at the moment.
And rough attempts to try and churn out an art request for my League Summoner friend,Benjamin R aka Alphalion. He's requested for a fan art of his fave character,Lux. So here's my take on her,with a touch of Masai Warrior'esque flair. I wanted to experiment in grey shades but have decided that as part of the Masai Tribe,it really needed a red dress. But I was already quite content with the greys on her dress,so have decided to give a spalsh of red in the backdrop. Hope you guys like the rough result.

And finally, let's end with some kitten news. Well to make a long story short, I've rescued a wee lil' kitten about 2 months ago. Found it at the carpark basement in my apmt block,seeking shelter from the rain. It was clearly hunger so I fed it my leftover butterscotch bread which it readily wolfed down. Finding it very approachable and amiable,I've decided to take it home with me and find it a good home. But back at my bedroom (sheltering from the wrath of Kameko),I've discovered that it has had a fishing line embedded near its paw. Taking it to the vet the next day soon sort it out a.o.k. I've decided to call it Tyrion there and then,it being a lil imp with all the charm in the world. I did eventually manage to find it a home with my colleague. But unfortunately he had to give it up after almost a month due to his daughter suffering from symptoms of asthma. Taking it home a few days later, I was very fortunate and blessed enought to be able to find it another home ,thanks to the awesome help of family and friends,particularly Sumeitra,who got the wheels turning to hook me up with a newly settled couple who was looking to adopt a kitten. Upon seeing Tyrion's pics,they've decided to adopt her and last Saturday,Elsie ,the new owner,came and took her home.

No one was happier than the reigning queen,Kameko. Till now she is singing "Sweet,sweet Victory!~"

Good Night and Sleep Tight,folks! Cheers!