Friday, December 31, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Was watching one of my fave movies recently,'A Perfect World' while drawing and noticed a lil flaw on one of the scenes. When mama was serving breakfast on the table,she had already had the scar on her right side forehead which she got from struggling with the escaped convict later on in the story. Next scene,her scar is absent all the way up till she got hurt bad. But good call for wanting to film the additional scene to edit into the story of her serving breakfast at the table. Better flow and timing to me anyhow.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Babies all grown up!

Thanks to Aida Khalid for wanting to snap a photo of me with my babies,all grown up and making their way out there.
More shameless pluggin' and info about the project :
copyright of MDEC & JCC.

The many promotional posters prior to it's official launch in the Middle East.
copyright of MDEC & JCC.
I didn't take these pics. I grabbed it from the 'Meet Saladin' site in FB.
Just too awesome to finally see your characters come to life and also in the form of cos-players.

Love the pic of Darwish duking it with Duncan,only a vague view of his blonde fringe in the photo.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My sleeping arrangements

....with my fatty kitty,Kameko. Mmeeoowwrr! She tore up the head rest to my work chair too but I don't mind so much cos that's where she perches herself to rest while keeping an eye on me and my work.

Saladin Launched with a brand new life & career

Yes! The animated tv series I've been working on for the past couple o' years,well I've been attached to since college and investing a good deal of my career into finally here and will see its first launch locally on our local tv broadcast station RTM tonight at 7.30pm. Heard it will be screened twice a week for both Saturday night (7:30pm) and Sunday morning (re-run 9:30am) respectively.

Officially,it's already been launched earlier during Sept throughout the Middle East via Al-Jazeera Children's Channel and heard it's made a grand impact on the audiences there.

Am so relieved and happy that it's finally making its way to our local audiences here starting with the local tv station broadcast and hopefully will branch out more internationally, but I won't jinx things by counting the chickens before they're hatched. Hopefully,Saladin will make its way to your tv screens or even via online come next year.

For now while that's in the works, everyone can finally enjoy all the special previews and tit-bits here at our official website :

While my babies are finally making their way into the world on their own thanks to the huge support from everyone involved...I am now settling into a new career as Games Designer for 2D Flash casual games online and I'm loving every moment of it so far. Love the new challenges and learning experiences it brings each day. A huge change from being an Animation Character Designer but I'm all for learning new things and looking forward to it. Its been a breath of fresh air and a nice beginning step into to world of gaming.

I won't be forsaking my own baby pet projects for comics and animation like Claude & Chunkie,Flight Captain Hurricane and so forth, just that with these new challenges and more hard work required each day, I will have less and less time to work on them. Ugh,can also easily feel my age catching up to me cos am not able to work through nights and spring back ready for the day's work anymore. Now I feel I need my proper sleep hours in order to be able to perform work the next day. Gonna need to schedule and pace myself properly again with discipline. :P

Something I've been sorely lacking.

Finally, a BIG shout out to anyone who is interested,the company I now work for at BigWig Media ( is seriously on the lookout to hire more 2D Flash animators. So if anyone out there would like a crack at it,pls do forward your resume' and portfolio to my producer, Mr. Faraz Ansari at

And thanks to Luka Kuncevic,our composer and sound designer on the project for uploading this for everyone in YouTube :)

Snapshots thanks to my good friend,Chan Ghee, who came along with me to attend the Saladin Appreciation Screening on the 12th this month. With Cholpon Abilova (JCC line producer), our talented scriptwriter,voice actor AND director, Choong Chi-Ren and my twinnie,Debs, who thankfully,managed to make it on time for the mingling session after the screening in spite of the last minute updates.
Thanks to our generous hosts from MDeC and JCC for arranging the momentous ocassion where all the talents involved in the project,get to savor the first screening of our hard work on screen at the theater. We very nearly packed the entire cinema had everyone managed to attend that day. And it was so great to finally see all of the voice talents up on stage introducing themselves and pairing up with the mo-cap actors, all whom we very rarely get to meet as production is all done at various different locations at the same time.

Imma ghost in the background and am toying with the idea of tinkering with this image. We'll see if I have the time to do so. :P

Thank you all so much for your kindness and great friendship and support all this time here and sorry I've hardly been posting anymore new artworks seeing as I'm earning a living working for studios and clients which am not at liberty to share the artworks as freely as I'd like due to P&C till their release.

Cheers folks and all the best in everything you do!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Cal!!!

This one is for my comic writer's son,Calvin. Took a while to get this piece done because the lil critic did not like the original take of Link at all. Prob because he did not appreciate me doing a caricature of him dressed as Link for the earlier version. So I had to re-do it as it was his gift and I wanted him to really like it. Here's the Before and After attempt.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

SHOCK3D is now Hiring

Hi All,

We at SHOCK3D! Sdn. Bhd. are currently working on an animated feature film!!
And we'd like you to be on-board.

Where are we?
KUALA LUMPUR, in tropical sunny MALAYSIA!
(DOWNLOAD S3D MAP.jpg to find out where we are exactly

What are we doing?
ALAMAYA. An AMAZING EPIC animated feature film!!!

Who are we looking for?

1) Animators

2)Modeling & Texture Artists

3)Simulation Specialists


5)Illustrators (Storyboard & Matte Painting)

6)Lighting and Render Artists

7)HR & Admin Executive

8)In-House Graphic Designer

ALSO, we are constantly looking for STUDENT INTERNS who are seeking for an
amazing job experience to be a junior production member or work as a studio
assistant. We need all the good help we can get.

*Do forward to as many people you think might be interested in being part of
a team working on an extremely exciting, and needless to say, FUN project!!!

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


TEL: 03-6207 9235
FAX: 03-6207 9237

Monday, August 30, 2010

Young Jump Studio is now Hiring!


Young Jump Animation is a Malaysian animation studio specialising in motion capture and CGI for television, games and multimedia.

We are perhaps best known as the studio that is currently producing “Saladin: The Animated Series” ( -- an international co-production between Malaysia and Qatar. We have done work for both local and international clients, including a number of high profile international games developers.

Besides Saladin, we have a host of other exciting projects coming up, and we are looking for talented & motivated individuals to join our team!

We have openings available for:
- Modelers & Riggers
- Digital Artists
- Animators
- Lighting & Effects Specialists
- Compositors.

Candidates should have a diploma in Digital Animation or the equivalent, with a background in one of the 3D animation softwares.

A solid foundation in traditional art skills (sketching, illustration, painting), acting ability and an understanding of timing and humour are all great advantages. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. No experience necessary... Just a passion for great animation!

Interested candidates should send their CVs and a link to their showreels to


The posting is aimed primarily at Malaysian animators. We're open to applications from non-residents, but they should have an idea of what the living standards and pay scales in KL are like, so that they apply with realistic expectations.

Best regards,
Steven Lim
Project Manager
Young Jump Animation Sdn Bhd
12A, Jalan 5/91A,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 9283 3562
Fax: +603 9283 1562
H/P: +6012 6988 642
Visit us at

Friday, August 20, 2010

Simon Tofield is back!

....and with more goodies in store for every cat lover out there. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Then and now....

A fairly quickie sketch before its time for me to churn out more drawings.
Left panel : (L to R) Syed Hassan,Steve Bristow & ChiRen Choong.
Right Panel : Bob Francis

Oh also officially 30 today. Getting old. *ooofff*

See you all in SDCC soon!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's a WRAP and Gearing up for SDCC !

Heyas all!

I've finally wrapped up my stint for season 2 for Saladin and am now gearing up for a long needed break to the States for the upcoming SDCC.

We may have 2 or 3 space available at our rented home for SDCC from 21st-26th in Old Town, to whoever is interested to bunk in with me,Eric & Brooke. Give us a holler before 15th July,pls? Just a heads-up, it only has one bathroom. But it's fully equipped with a pool,bbq,nearby transportation and not far from the beach.

Finally a chance to meet up and keep promises with friends and acquaintances to come and see them. Interested in meeting up? Lets make a date then.
Cheers and see y'all there!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's almost a wrap!

Can't believe I survived the entire 2 days (if not weeks) of non-stop activity feverishly wrapping up more artworks. Thanks to Barb for nourishing me with a wonderful braised lamb stew in claypot dinner and for helping me with the groceries,thanks to JinFen's unwavering professionalism on the job, thanks to ChiRen & Naz for allowing me to disrupt their lives with a mound of paperwork and most of all,thanks to Pops for staking out with me throughout the long hours of the day n night full of support & encouragement. *huggles*

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chummy & Champ Kid's Show

Am one proud momma right now. WOO!
Go Az! Go Brian! Go Gav! Go Crew!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cute Annies from Russia

More links available in YouTube, or you can check out or

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good ol' WIPS

The finished product...

Friday, May 21, 2010

The best of the best!

My all time favorite animated feature hands down!
Created and produced by talents who are truly passionate for the medium, both comic fandom and animation junkies alike. Evidently, this is the result of hard work and dedication lovingly put together into one show.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joker Sketch

Just having some fun doodling one of my favorite characters to draw.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta

:( You've been one of my biggest inspirations in my work and will continue to be the driving force for all of us who walked underneath your shadow. We will all miss you.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Street Dancers & stuff

Old clip, but still makes for some cool and amazing movement observations.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wildlife Concept pt 2

Another one from the old project that never saw the light of day.
Still good learning experience and will help to foster more grounding for upcoming future projects. Gambatte!

With some nice accompaniment during another wonderful crunch fest on Saladin.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wildlife Concept

Something old I've worked on for an animation project that didn't venture any further than the Concept & Development stage.

One of my all time favorites. It never fails to amaze me how such an amazing package can be churned out by only a small handful of top notch artists and can all be summed up within that short frame of time within the intro.
Story : Warren Foster
Animation : Virgil Ross, Gerry Chinoquy & Art Davis
Layouts : Hawley Pratt
B...ackgrounds : Boris Gerelick
Film Editor : Treg Brown
Voice Characterization by the Ever So Talented Mel Blanc
Unmatched and wonderful music by Carl Stalling & Milt Franklyn
Directed by Friz Freleng

I've always been amazed when I read through all the names and talents involved in each production... that they do actually give full credit and acknowledgments to the artists at the beginning stage of the cartoon and wrapping up with an acknowledgment to the director. It brings back to mind Disney's old feature classics who used to do the same for Snow White, Pinocchio etc. So glad that tradition is still carried on up till now and makes me appreciate all the time and effort each talent puts in to making us all happier in life.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

R.I.P. Bill Dubay in peace, Will.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dutch Claude & Chunkie pt. 2

Heard from my editor pal,Wallie, that pt.3 will be out in May. WOOWOO!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

26th Worldwide Sketch Crawl this Saturday

Hi everyone!

Just a gentle reminder that this Saturday is Sketch Crawl day and we will be meeting at the Promenade area where the water fountains are @ KLCC Park between 10.30am-11am. For those who have confirmed their attendance, thank you and looking forward to seeing you there. For those who've attended the previous Sketch Crawls but is unaware/or didn't catch the update posts about this Saturday, hope you'd like to participate in the fun again and join us at KLCC Park.
So get your journals & stationary ready for serious drawing time!

Cheers! And thanks to the Brew for this heads up! Looking forward to anything Sylvain Chomet churns out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Sketch in decades

Ok, ignore the rest. I just uploaded it for Spock and ManBat. Finally get to finish this sketch page after such a long pause. Did it last year 17th only got to finish it this hols 17th exactly.
Happy hols and hope ya likes, comrades.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sketch Crawl 26th

Am gonna organise a group for Sketch Crawl KL Feb 27th starting from KLCC park. Any takers?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Local & International Studio in Japan looking to hire

1) The exact ad from HR

"You Can Draw,You Can Animate"-(motto from 2d animation software)

Interested to be an animator?
Now we are open to after SPM girls (ahem, SPM graduates)
No matter what u are Malay,Chinese,Indian and others
we a 1 Malaysia! (all candidates interested....)

pls contact 03-80233472
or e-mail

No.4-9,Jalan USJ Sentral 3,
47610 Subang Jaya,Selangor.

2) Polygon Pictures Recruiting Road Trip in Singapore Proposal


Polygon Pictures is preparing for the start of new high-profile TV series which will require up to 60 additional CG artists throughout all positions in the production pipeline. While recruiting vigorously in domestic market, Polygon needs to recruit internationally to fill the seats in given short period of time. The objective of the road trip to Singapore is to promote Polygon Pictures’ recruiting status to increase future job application and identify/hire at least 5 experienced artists from Singapore and surrounding CG communities.

Desired Outcome

1)Identify and hire at least 5 experienced CG artists from this trip.

2)Promote Polygon Pictures’ presence to increase future application from Asian CG communities.

Schedule/Recruiting Process



Jan 20

Complete Draft Schedule

- Jan 22

Exchange ideas w/ 3dsense

Jan 25

Finalize plan / Internal green light at PPI

Jan 26 -

Send out e-mail advertisement

Accepts resumes / demo-reels online

Feb 24 – 28 @ Singapore

Feb 24 (Tue)

Flight from Tokyo to Singapore

Feb 25 (Wed)

Pre Meeting

Feb 26(Fri), 27(Sat)

Corporate presentation / Interviews

Venue: 3dsense Facility

Time: TBD

Feb 28 (Sun)

Interviews / Redeye flight back to Tokyo

Mar 1 (Mon)

Returns to Tokyo

Mar 3 – 5

2nd Round Interviews

- Mar 12

Send out offers from PPI


l Create high quality 3D character modeling, rigging, animation or light/composite

l Commit to meet project deadlines without compromising artistic integrity

l Work in a team-oriented and cross-cultural environment and use organizational and interpersonal skills on a daily basis

l Demonstrate a critical eye and a strong passion for creating and evaluating animation

Recruiting Positions


Skill Requirement

Software Requirement

Modeling/Texture Artists

l Ability to model high-polygon organic characters is required

l Must possess deep knowledge in rigging to be able to deliver high quality models for rig/animation

Maya, ZBrush,


l Must be fluent in MEL and Python script

l Must possess ability to rig for complicated character motion and sophisticated facial expression


Layout Artists

l Demonstrable ability to translate storyboards / animatics into layout sequences


Character Animators

l Must possess ability to animate strong physical motions, as well as subtle personality acting, showing command of weight, timing and posing through key-framing


Lighting / Rendering /
Compositing Artists

l Must be fluent in Maya and Adobe After Effects (having knowledge in Fusion is a plus)

l Must possess deep knowledge and skills BOTH in lighting AND compositing

l Having knowledge in VFX is a plus

Maya, After Effects,


Shading Artists

l Must be fluent in Mental Ray shaders

Maya, Mental Ray

VFX Artists

l Must be fluent in all indicated software

Maya, After Effects,

Real Flow, Houdini


l The candidate should have interest in programming related to CG content production and a track record of technical achievement.


Terms of Contract

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Type of Contract: Freelance Contract

Length of Contract: One year +

Starting: Modelers/Riggers=March, L/O Artist=May, Animators=June

Lighters/Compositors/VFX=August, Programmers=ASAP

Wage: Will commensurate with experience and ability

Wage Reference Table (USD = approximately JPY90)


Avg. Professional


Average Wage

Entry Level

1 to 3 yrs

JPY180,000/mo. - JPY250,000/mo.

Associate Level

4 to 6 yrs

JPY 260,000/mo. - JPY300,000/mo.

Lead Level

7 to 10 yrs

JPY320,000 /mo. - JPY500,000/mo.

Supervisor / Technical Director Level

10 yrs +

JPY500,000/mo - JPY600,000/mo.