Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Comic

Hopefully this will be the first of many comic panels of my recent adventures while on holiday last month. Hope you will enjoy!  It's meant to be a separate individual panel of a particular scenario happening in different places but I kinda like the look of the entire page as a whole. So here ya go!
Panel 01/top left : Experiencing Air Asia Flight regularities at Tawau Airport in Sabah,heading home back to KL. Lewat (in Malays) means Delay. Panel 02 : Peter did not know how to shower Village/Kampung style. Panel 03 : I shared a bed with my pal,Viv, on the left side of the room while Pete,unfortunately,had to share a bed with our taxi driver on the right side. We were both snoring so hard ,it vibrated our friend's entire farm house in Cambodia. Poor Viv couldn't sleep a wink while Pete is cringing and shivering from the progressively chilly air at night. First time I got to sleep with mosquito netting too! It's been an awesome holiday overall.

Happy New Year,Folks!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2014

Have been MIA for a good deal of November and December basically because have been away for the annual Company Trip to Bali this time around where we dug deep at Kuta Beach going through the Company Dinner and Team Building event before we're let loose around Bali. Here's a tiny snippet of where I've been and what I've experienced. I should really see about uploading all of my stuff into Flickr to share with whoever is interested in checking out my whereabouts. But mostly,if we know each other and add links to FB,you can basically go through all of my folders and check out all of the pics I've been sharing through the years. I wish I can afford membership to Flickr which allows the subscriber to share all of their pics from beginning to current without any limitations to the amount that can be shared. But till I can earn a bit more, this is what I have to cope with.
It's been a momentous and learning curve year for me. Thing are finally looking a lot brighter to say the least,but that doesn't mean that the year hasn't had it's struggles and heart aches.  I've been very blessed and fortunate enough to be working with an awesome creative team in a supportive studio environment and it's nice that the pace never stops and we just find the enthusiasm and strength to just carry on each day with whatever life throws at you.
 This trip coupled with utilizing the remains of my annual leave on November because I was hosting a friend's stay at my place for 2 weeks,allowed me the time to get away from the compy and just check out how life is faring on the other side and to finally get a chance to see and enjoy exploring what I won't normally get to check out if I were left to my own devices. This Company Trip and my friend's visit from the States proved to be the catalyst that propelled me to get off my arse and start taking a look around once more.

My trip wouldn't be complete without the coaxing of my colleague and good friend,Meng Yee,to take up surf lessons...and enjoying a swim and relaxing evening at the beach to watch the sunset on a deck chair with a refreshing fresh coconut handy. I will see about sharing some of my other trips with my good friend ,Pete, to Cambodia and around Borneo when I can get to it. Am still busily getting all of the pics together to share online. It's a ton of work in itself.

In other news, we've just wrapped up Christmas celebration 2013 with an impromptu invasion of the MnU gang to the apartment along with friendly faces from Mother Russia, my good pals, Mickey & Ksoosh. My twin came through for us with 2 turkeys beautifully roasted thanks to the helping hands from her friend and colleague,Alex. While I round it up with a new pasta recipe,potatoes,broccoli & cauliflower,sausages,salad and what not. Mum (not surprising) had gone out and got us roast duck as a side dish. She could never resist a good duck. The guys handled the drinks while Mickey & Ksoosh surprised us all with a lovely green tea cake. Next party stop...Russian style New Year Celebration at Mickey & Ksoosh's place! Can't wait! 

I finally got to complete a special art gift request for my friend,Bob,but have also dedicated this piece to William Blake for obvious reasons. Hope you like it!

And finally,here's something Bob shared to me recently. What an awesome way to get the public to be aware of fine art once again!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 to everyone! Here's to a solid and prolific year ahead in spite of terrible rumours of inflation and rising costs and absurd new govt rulings...here's to hoping for a better future with better days. *click*

Saturday, December 07, 2013


Am back from my long haul and hols and is able to come back to some form of normalcy to recoup, Body has shut down on me since yesterday but have enough in my tank to just about get chores down and scan some recent sketches to share. Will be sharing loads of pics from my M.I.A. stint with y'all just as soon as I can get them resized.

Cheers all!