Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Comic

Hopefully this will be the first of many comic panels of my recent adventures while on holiday last month. Hope you will enjoy!  It's meant to be a separate individual panel of a particular scenario happening in different places but I kinda like the look of the entire page as a whole. So here ya go!
Panel 01/top left : Experiencing Air Asia Flight regularities at Tawau Airport in Sabah,heading home back to KL. Lewat (in Malays) means Delay. Panel 02 : Peter did not know how to shower Village/Kampung style. Panel 03 : I shared a bed with my pal,Viv, on the left side of the room while Pete,unfortunately,had to share a bed with our taxi driver on the right side. We were both snoring so hard ,it vibrated our friend's entire farm house in Cambodia. Poor Viv couldn't sleep a wink while Pete is cringing and shivering from the progressively chilly air at night. First time I got to sleep with mosquito netting too! It's been an awesome holiday overall.

Happy New Year,Folks!

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