Thursday, February 24, 2011

Social War - Wolf

Thanks to my friend,Gregg, for sharing this link :

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Social War Game Art

Finally after many many years of working in the industry, I get permission from my current boss to start sharing all the art I've worked on for the games that have already been launched.

Ah yes, I am now currently employed at BigWig Media in KL working on 2D flash online games. WOO! It's definitely a breath of fresh air after working many years in the animation industry. And yes,I do intend to get back into animation in this particular industry seeing as I've been sidelined many times and got stuck in pre-production majority of the time in the animation industry.

I will definitely be committing more traffic and more updates here now that the greenlight has been given.

Apologies folks for the lack of new stuff in the past. My hands have been tied with projects,working for clients so I don't have the right to update anything without their go ahead. Even for my own personal art,I couldn't share much till any of it has been launched officially.

So for this particular series of art, it's all done for a game called Social War which you can now play at 2D

Link to game :

It's officially my first game ever I've completed art for so hope you folks will like it enough to have fun with it. Confession : some of the art in there could still do with more work but my hands have been tied with tight deadlines per gaming project.

More art to come,and an official update in my journal for more news on the job to come.


1) When I was assigned to work on the set of avatars, I've suggested to my producer about working on a set of animal art for the players to choose from to do battle with.

So this is what came out.

2) I did a color test to it before cropping it down to the specific avatar/icon size required.

3) I've talked to my producer about the art test and we both agree it doesn't come out clear enough with all the details going on in there.

4) So back to the drawing board and I came up with a new look and design for the entire set of animals that will definitely match better with the Social War characters.

5) Plunk in some color with cropping and resizing and we have the final art!

Cheers and hope you folks dig it. *hugs*