Tuesday, January 27, 2009

December and January Updates

Whew! Been a while since my last update. Let's get started!
Between deadlines, I was able to take off to attend my cousin Justin's wedding dinner in Penang early last month. Had a grand time chilling with old friends and relatives and gorging myself to slow obesity. The only downside to all of it was my loss of my latest sketchjournal which only had a few more pages to complete before I add it to my collection of completed journals. Thankfully I did backup the info and scanned some of my favorite pages inside before that happened so the pain wasn't as bad. It still stinks though not having the original copies with me now. Am still hopeful that some day,someone will return it, that is,if they haven't thrown it in the rubbish bin already. It did look like a crudgy bounded old book anyways.

Am just thankful to have good friends who were there for me during that ordeal. One being Hoos who even took the time and trouble to go out searching for my missing sketch journal a couple of times. I owe you one,Hoos!

Our New Year countdown proved successful , celebrating with the MnU team and some friends from Brighton at Ayon and Ed's new hood in Subang Jaya. Yes, we played Pictionary after the count down was over.

On another more positive note, some friends have contributed some lovely new sketches to my new journals last month and beginning of this year.
Min Park's awesome sketch of a guy falling...and more from him,sensei Junning and the fabulous Mel. Thanks guys!
Also attended last month's Comic Fiesta held at a much nicer venue at Sunway Puramid's Convention Hall. Hope they'll be able to hook up that place for future following conventions. Didn't stay long,but enough to get the feel for the atmosphere, contribute a few sketches to the table and meet some familiar faces.
What our convention is sorely lacking are these guys...

In other news....

Jayne Carverhill from a PR agency that is currently representing the RSPCA contacted me last year regarding Simon Tofield's (creator of the Simon's Cat clips I've been updating in here) other project. Here's what she wrote :

"I noticed that you have blogged about Simon’s Cat in the past, so I thought you would be really interested to hear that Simon Tofield, the maker of Simon’s cat, has finally released a new animation. The video, featuring Simon’s sister’s dog has been made especially for the RSPCA, and can be watched at www.giveanimalsavoice.org.uk. There is an embeddable link if you wish to place it on your site.

The video was launched yesterday and it has been viewed over 40000 times already, which is amazing! But we really want to make sure that the underlying message is not lost. Pet obesity is a massive problem; one in three pets are overweight. It is all too easy to give your pet many treats, especially at Christmas time, but how much is too much?

If this is an issue that is close to your heart, I can provide more information and images. I hope you enjoy the video!!

All the best,

and images. I hope you enjoy the video!!

All the best,

Jayne Carverhill

immediate future Ltd

T: 0845 408 2031

M: 0770 279 5073



Social Media Marketers, Online and Offline PR Consultants.

Thank you so very much for the heads up,Jayne! I really appreciate all the updates I can get!

I received an invite to try out this new application called Moodbox by Roman Vorushin,CEO of the project.( http://moodbox.com/ )

Here's what he has to say about it :

"Moodbox is made especially for people who love drawing! MoodBox is a tool for collective drawing based communication and fun by which you can draw and share your
message with everybody in a contact list or publish it on the web.
Here http://moodbox.com/moodstrip/130 is an example of the drawing
based conversation."

I love it and find it another useful and very fun communication tool to play around with. I appreciate that when I click to use their pencil tool, the rendered result does actually turn out like a kiddie's pencil sketch line. Kawaii! The application is fast and not complicated to use. Another plus for Moodbox. I sincerely hope to see more artists using this in the near future. How about making 2009 the start of this new trend of communication? Sure yahoo has that option,but I kinda the results here better.Plus a whole lot of other neat gadgets like their air brush tool and art brush tool...even cute clip arts to add into your chat art. Yahoo chat only allows for the paint tool rendered format.
Always nice to have another option to chat with,methinks. Especially if my msn and yahoo chat box starts acting up in me.


And I'd like to end with some Garfield Thanksgiving clips. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Malaysia though. But what I like about this is that it's one of the better animated Garfield series I've seen so far. More fluid in movement in my opinion. Enjoy! Brings back childhood memories

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MSNBC did it for me - Giving me that glimpse of history being made today.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

JibJab's 2009 Countdown

Yea my updates are very very late but couldn't be helped. I was so swamped with work and activities all through Christmas through the New Year and now the end of the first week of work. And I have tons of stuff to share all from December up to now. Loads of happenings,loads stuff to keep track of. Let's get started!